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My name is Guy Shepherd, I am the District Councillor for Downs Ward in Horndean, and this is my blog. Here I hope to keep everyone informed on what the current local issues are which affect Downs. These may be the local play areas, activities in the villages nearby such as development, or major EHDC decisions which affect funding and the services that we get. It is also a good way for you to get hold of me, and raise your concerns too. Over time I hope this will become a useful and reliable source of local information, and wherever possible some humour. This blog definitely represents my own views, and not those of any organisation I represent.

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    • Hi William. The original plans were put forward by Burton Properties who had partnered with a care home provider who went (rather publicly) into administration. this resulted in the first developer being unable to take the scheme forwards, and Linden Homes taking it on. In the last year Linden have been trying to get a care home operator on board and have not been successful. About 10 days ago EHDC received a planning application for a revised scheme changing the care home into flats. this will be decided in the coming months. this is a shame as there is a genuine need in our community for smaller units for the elderly, and it also takes away an employment site in Horndean. The plans are available online. I will do a blog this weekend about the change and include a link to the plans. Guy.

  1. And what about the new doctors surgery? My husband saw a notice in there this week saying it wasn’t going ahead either?

    • Hi Jennie, I have spoken to colleagues and we have not heard from the Doctors or Linden on this. Ultimately they are two private organisations who need to make the finance work between them, but EHDC did a lot of work in the early days to facilitate this and plan this in. It will be a real shame if it does not happen. Can you tell me more about what the sign in reception said? thanks, Guy.

  2. My husband is convinced he saw a notice in the waiting room on Monday to say the move was not going ahead. However he had to go back on Wednesday and he asked about it at reception. They were very cagey in their response to him and guarded saying no decision had been made! All very hush hush it seems!

    • Hi Jennie, I am quite sure your other half is not seeing things and there is currently some confusion about this. EHDC are still to hear from the Developers if they have reached agreement with the Doctors Surgery and hope that this important community facility will go ahead. Ultimately the Doctors Surgery is a privately run private business, and they need to reach a financial agreement with the developers in the same way any other business does. In the meantime the Havant Road site also has space allocated for a surgery which will be retained until we know for sure a deal will be reached.

  3. You are totally misinformed and have not researched properly. Fracking has not been going on for decades! This is a new process. Horizontal drilling has and use used. The only place to be fracked is Lancashire so far. Please do your research properly instead of being ignorant. It is not nimbyism unless you can attach thus to a frack free planet. Low risk is nit good enough with fresh water. this planet has 2% fresh water that’s all. This is a water stressed country anyway. To use thousands of tons of fresh water per site containing chemicals that will leak into our water and soil is absurd. Only half of water that is used to flush will come out of the ground leaving the rest to contaminate where I wonder? And then there is storage of this water. Where ? Tell us where these massive storage containers will be stored? You obviously have no children or are just ignorant to the true facts. Go to the official document list of the harmed.

    • Good morning Christina. I hope the items below help in reply to your post. To help I have extracted your key points in “ditto marks” at the start of each paragraph.

      “You are totally misinformed and have not done your research properly. Fracking has not been going on for decades” Totally incorrect. The Royal Society and The Royal Academy Of Engineering issued a report in 2012 which gives a great deal of history on Fracking and how it has been applied in the UK. Here is the weblink and the text is on page 17: http://www.raeng.org.uk/news/publications/list/reports/Shale_Gas.pdf Excerpt below:

      ‘The UK has experience of hydraulic fracturing and directional drilling for non-shale gas applications. Over the last 30 years, more than 2,000 wells have been drilled onshore in the UK, approximately 200 (10%) of which have been hydraulically fractured to enhance recovery. The combination of hydraulic fracturing and directional drilling allowed the development of the Wytch Farm field in Dorset in 1979… In 1996, British Gas hydraulically fractured a well in the Elswick Gas Field in Lancashire. Gas has been produced from it ever since.’

      “The only place to be fracked is Lancashire so far. Please do your research properly instead of being ignorant” – A little rude, but I think I have been able to demonstrate above I can back my article with research and fact. I make no comment on ignorance.
      “This planet has only 2% fresh water. This is a water stressed country”. Same link, page 20 under Water Requirements. ‘Overall water use is important. Estimates indicate that the amount needed to operate a hydraulically fractured shale gas well for a decade may be equivalent to the amount needed to water a golf course for a month; the amount needed to run a 1000 MW coal fired power plant for 12 hours and the amount lost to leaks in United Utilities’ region in north west England every hour ’ If Fracking uses less water than other energy generation activities then this is good news.

      “Only half the water that is used to flush will come out of the ground leaving the rest to contaminate where I wonder?” Actually, you are right on something here. The same document (page 21) estimates that 25% to 75% of the water will come back up during the lifetime of the well, so your half is about right! The rest is several hundreds of metres and in cases kilometers below ground and trapped below impervious rock. If the rock were not impervious the shale gas would have escaped and not exist. the water in our aquifers would also just drain away to the centre of the earth. Fortunately the same geology that traps the gas will contain the water. This keeps any waste water away from our natural aquifers.

      “Storage of waste water. Where? Tell us where these massive storage containers will be stored?”. Same Link page 21. The options on storing, treating, re-use and disposal are addressed. It looks like there are a lot of options and for recycling any form of waste, re-use for further fracking is a good solution. Disposal down depleted oil wells is also a very safe and environmentally sound solution, and there are other non hysterical solutions to this.

      “You obviously have no children or are just ignorant to the true facts” Ok, That is a little personal and you have no idea of my family life. I think the link I have provided to a report from two credible and world renowned non political organisations gives balanced and accurate information on Fracking. The Royal Society and the Royal Academy of Engineering report is a well laid out document that is a good basis for research for anyone interested in Fracking.

      Clearly with any industrial process there is risk and the company extracting oil, gas and other commodities needs to be diligent and protect our environment, but while we need increasing quantities of oil, gas and other resources, and also complain at the increasing cost of these, we need to find ways to do this safely while improving renewable energy sources.

      • My views are that the long term benefits of fracking outweigh any small risk that may be involved. Properly regulated fracking and the production of shale gas will bring tremendous benefits for the future population of this country.

    • As I read these blogs with interest I can’t but fail to be amused at the statement (This is a water stressed country anyway). Maybe a trip to Somerset and surrounding districts would not go amiss. Oh yes its flooding in Horndean as this is being written.

  4. Hi – Carers Together, a local charity, are running a free event at Merchistoun Hall for anyone considering residential care for themselves or a relative – we encourage people to come along and get information and advice about what to look for when choosing a good home, how to pay for the care fees and legal issue such as Will and Powers of Attorney. It is really important that people plan ahead and get this information so they have time to think about their options.

    Expert volunteers and lawyers will be presenting the information and answering questions..

    We would be delighted if you would tell people about this event – it is on the 20th May 2014 10.00am – 3.00pm – booking essential but places are free. Details below:

    What to consider and questions to ask, when choosing
    a residential home for yourself or a loved one. Also:
    How to pay for residential care.
    Will Adult Services pay or contribute to the fees?
    Will you have to sell the family home?
    Will you have to pay top up fees?

    Legal issues such as: Powers of Attorney and Wills

    Open to anyone who is interested (places for professionals are limited).

    Tuesday 20 May 2014, 10.00am – 3.00pm
    Merchistoun Hall, 106 Portsmouth Rd, Horndean, PO8 9LJ

    Free parking.

    Lunch will not be provided – but tea, coffee and biscuits will be available. You are welcome to bring your own sandwiches to eat on the day.

    Places are limited so please contact us to book a place:
    Tel: 01794 519495 or
    Email: admin@carerstogether.org.uk
    Carers Together, 9 Love Lane,
    Romsey, SO51 8DE

  5. Dear Guy


    Please allow me to introduce myself, I am Vincent Gregory and myself and my family live at 49 Highcroft lane, which sits directly opposite chalk hill road, my main concerns for this proposed build on this site would be of the site entrance and disruption we would have to endure for a lengthy time, we purchased our property with our 2 still young children 4 years ago, and terror the thought of now sitting opposite an entrance to a possible road for 75 houses. Highcroft Lane and Durlands Road seem to me to be impossible to be able to support the additional traffic loading’s, and on Five Heads Road, one way is no more than a single country lane and the other you have Horndean Infants and Juniors school, and at opening and closing times, proves to be extremely busy, with a blind bend as an extra to cope with.

    My further concerns are the loss of green land on the back of Catherington Lithe and the ever more strain on green gap land, we purchased this property with amazing views and with a quiet close, enabling us to bring up our children as safely as possible, and now live with the dread of this development, concerned that public opinion is being ignored and developers pushing upon us buildings with no thought to existing residents and feel of our community.

    I would be very keen in hearing your thoughts and any advice possible, to enable myself and residents to express our concerns at this proposed site.

    Thank you for you time and consideration with this matter.

    Kind regards.

    Vince Gregory
    49 HighCroft lane
    PO8 9NX
    07584 497106

  6. notice that a small developement of houses in whitedirt lane, across the road from the farm buildings.the trees & shrubs have been removed,chaulk removed showing access for drives onto white dirt lane which seems dangerous,would it be possible to find out if this person has permision for this developement

    • Hi Thomas, I think you are referring to 120 White Dirt Lane. He was refused permission to build 4 homes and has no permission for these works. He has had a stop notice from EHDC and the matter is with the planning enforcement team now. All very hostile and confrontational I am afraid. Guy.

  7. “based on the evidence put before me, the local planning authority cannot currently demonstrate a five year supply of deliverable housing sites, relevant policies for the supply of housing should not be considered up-to-date in accordance with paragraph 49 of the Framework”

    Based on this conclusion from the dismissed Sunley appeal are we not likely to see speculative applications to develop every green field in East Hampshire?

    • Hi, I know EHDC would strongly disagree there was not a 5 year land supply – we have probably 7 years worth right now. In the last few months we have had about 14 appeal decisions and won 12 of them. Inspectors are generally acknowledging the more than ample 5 year land supply so there is a significant inconsistency with them on this. If there were not a 5 year land supply then Taylor Wimpey would be appealing on Chalk Hill Road and White Dirt Farm.

      I don’t think there is any danger of rampant speculative development.

      Do you not feel the decision rejecting the appeal was good news? every single appeal in Horndean has been rejected by the inspectors now.


      • Hi, The cost to prepare an application like Blendworth lane is circa £150,000. A White Dirt Lane about £250,000. One thing dvelopers are good at is weighing up when open season is over and about 8 months ago the rush of pre-application meetings and developer consultations ended because they have identified that 1) the allocation plan is defined and 2) the applications in the pipeline were matching the need. I think they are now very much looking elsewhere, Eastleigh for example where the local plan has been rejected. Best Wishes, Guy.

  8. The land behind all the houses in Southdown Road has been cleared of woodland, leaving a bare hillside. This is the work of a newcomer to the area who lives in the house originally called Casa Blanca. During the enquiry into the possibility of building on the White Dirt Site, one of the arguments against, was the wildlife corridor along the top of the site, leading into Catherington Lith. This was, I believe, one of the reasons we won the case against building.
    Where is the wildlife corridor now? How did he get permission to do this?
    A lot of people are very angry.

  9. Good afternoon Guy, I am not sure if you can help but I leave home early most mornings and pass many runners in the road without high viz clothing and a foot path next to them. Surely this is an accident waiting to happen. I just don’t understand why they do it when next to a perfectly good foot path.

    • Hi Lindsay, that does sound a bit of an unnecessary risk – is the footpath clear or does it have overgrowing shrubbbery? If so then reporting it to the County Council will get it cut back. Highways use is a police issue but I doubt they will be too enthusiastic to help here? Guy

  10. Hello I’m looking for old photos and history of morley crescent in cowplain.
    Dont suppose you could help me?

    Thank you

  11. I am flagging up the very possible demolition of the original gate house to Keydell House in Lovedean Lane. This small building has witnessed some of the most significant historical figures passing by in modern history. ie President Dwight Eisenhower, Winston Churchill and General Montgomery while they planned for D Day at Keydell House on their. visits there. (Not only at Southwick House) I believe time is now short as no planning notices have been displayed as they should have been. I walk past nearly every day!
    My question is has anyone any information on this and what can be done urgently.

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