2 comments on “Flick Drummond Q+A

  1. You did not answer the first, third or fourth parts of second question. One of the reasons for the voting publics’ growing mistrust of politicians is that they either obfuscate or neglect to answer questions asked of them!

  2. Natural England, a government department, has recommended that all new homes must meet strict environmental rules over nitrate levels in South Hampshire. It says that high levels of nitrates are affecting the Solent area. It believes that new housing is contributing to the issue.

    Natural England wants developers to build houses that are nitrate neutral. There is, of course, a small problem with this target. Developers have, quite rightly, pointed out that nitrate neutral is impossible. Nitrates are already present in drinking water and wastewater. They cannot build nitrate neutral homes.

    Consequently, local authorities in South Hampshire are in a difficult position. They are expected to be issuing planning permissions to boost housebuilding. But they can’t issue those permissions if the development will not meet the need for nitrate neutrality.

    Local authorities in the South have taken the only action they believe possible. They have stopped issuing planning permissions. Some councils have cancelled planning meetings. There is no point in holding them.

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