9 comments on “EHDC – The 2019 election results

  1. Cant wait for Euro Elections, when Brexit wipe the board. With GE to follow and similar results. Remember Trust not Tricks and All major parties have been playing stupid games with us.

  2. Thank you Guy. Hopefully Horndeanmatters will continue to be supported.

    Regards, Celia Howard


  3. Guy, again many thanks; I trust that you will keep Horndean Matters up & running.

    Is there somewhere where we can find out the number of spoilt ballot papers, preferably by ward; or better still have details of what was written on them?



  4. Dear Guy,

    Thank you for sending us the district election results – and so promptly!

    My husband and I (how regal!) are very sorry indeed that you are standing down as a district councillor. We think you have done an excellent job, and have been particularly grateful for “Horndean Matters”. It has kept us very well informed about what’s happening in the locality, and has caused us to take action on many occasions.

    It has been particularly valuable on planning matters – White Dirt Farm and the land East of Horndean in particular.

    It has also explained clearly, and in a balanced way, what EHDC is doing, and why.

    We wish you every happiness in whatever you take on next.

    Grateful thanks,

    Sue Snowden

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  5. Guy Thank you for all you did for Horndean/Clanfield during your time in office especially White Dirt Farm.
    You always kept the community informed as to what was happening in the area etc.
    We hope your successor will continue your good work and continue distributing the Horndean Matters information.
    Thank you again and best wishes for the future.

    • Many thanks Brian and Ann for the kind words! Im planning on keeping the blog going as long the current Councillors are ok to carry on preparing it! Best wishes, Guy.

  6. “I’m planning on keeping the blog going as long the current Councillors are ok to carry on preparing it! ”

    Not good enough Guy – we need your unexpurgated comments, particularly now you are not constrained by membership of the Council.

    We miss you – get writing – NOW !



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