4 comments on “Aquind – Time to Give Your View

  1. Guy

    Thank-you an excellent analysis of the issues.

    We all need to go to the meeting at Jubilee Hall 14th March – IT REALLY IS VERY IMPORTANT !


  2. I have just come back from the consultation at Waterlooville. It transpires that the construction traffic will come off the A3M at the Horndean junction 2 and go down Portsmouth Road to Lovedean Lane. This will amount to around 90 HGV movements a day for at least 6 months apparently. So a lorry approximately every 5 mins throughout a 9 hour day. That will create unacceptable chaos and nouse on this busy road. Not at all clear from their plans!

  3. The Roof & walls should be Black not Green. Green is not a natural colour & cannot be matched to the countryside, Black is a basic colour &blends in to the Background. Look at any hedge row from a distance to test the validity of this.

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