5 comments on “A Great News Story? – I Think So!

  1. A very clear explanation, that makes perfect sense. I am deeply disappointed in the press reporting in this country. It seems sloppy and salacious. All they want is headlines, they don’t care about the truth.

  2. I wholeheartedly support the EHDC initiatives. If other areas of government were as creative and positive as this much of the ‘austerity’ would not have been needed.

    Many ‘local newspapers’ are editoriallly lazy and frequently in financial trouble. The sad fact is that they are fast becoming irrelevant in this digital world.

    • Sadly there was no apology in the local paper this week, merely a reference to a new page on EHDC’s website listing these investments.

      In my view EHDC is to be congratulated on a sensible investment policy, I would like to see more investments in EHDC’s area, but RoI (Return on investment) & security must be paramount.

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