18 comments on “Draft Local Plan Update

  1. Thank you, Guy, for sharing this. I have yet to read the full document, but hope it includes building/retaining bungalows or similar for the many people who are hoping to downsize, but cannot find suitable properties.

    • Hi Carolyne – 100 plus of the properties at LEOH in the care village are for elderly people to down size into (over 55 only) for this very purpose and yes there will also be a mix of properties in the housing side for all needs too. Guy.

  2. Guy i understand what you print but again believe trickery is coming into play, another 100 at LEOH, why?
    Possibility of land at Blendworth currently with public toilets car parking and fire station on look like being sold off by EHDC, you haven’t replied to my previous questions to you on this.
    When does all this “nicking” of land for development stop?
    You keep saying we need more and more homes, I say we don’t, I say its just a way of more council tax and more power to the parishes and councils.
    You make no comment about all the extra vehicles coming to an already grid locked area at times, no comment about the increase in antisocial behaviour thats comes with social affordable housing.
    Once out of EU, immigration will decrease hopefully with less demand on housing schools Hospitals!
    We have to Trust Not Tricks Guy.

    • Steve LEOH is lost to building so the more we can get on there the better as it then protects another large area of farmland from being built on. that’s a no brainer…

      As to more homes your argument makes no sense – if we didn’t need them then no one would buy new homes that are built and the market would collapse – which it hasn’t. The reality is our population is growing, we are living longer and need to plan in the right amount of housing to cater for this.

      • Thank you for replying of a sort. What about Blendworth, and Guy do you really think and believe all these houses are for local people, Guy they will move from areas like Surrey and London because these properties will be so much cheaper, that’s a no brainer.
        And do you really think a New junction or improved roads will deal with some extra possible up to 5000 vehicles coming to Horndean come on Guy who are you trying to kid, it’s a no brainer that the area will become gridlock.
        What are your views on the antisocial aspect that always comes with such huge developments such as LEOH? Who will police it, who will “vet” the social housing, it’s a no brainer that the police cant cope now.
        Let’s hope really really hope that once out of the EU, immirgration will stop, that will reduce demand. But Guy dont you already know that properties are not selling like they did a year ago? There is not a demand for more properties. Fact,,talk to local estate agents please.

  3. Great!
    Won’t be long before the the A3 looks like the the M25 grid locked?
    Have you seen it lately ?
    Traffic A3 north bound nearly every day
    Guess what it will look like when you have built the rest of houses?
    Great planning NOT?

    • Hi Steve Yes, I have seen the A3M – I suspect you drive it daily as do I. The LEOH development funds improvements to J2 of the A3M. Tell me, where else do we put the housing we need? The homes planned between now and 2038 work out at about a 1.5% increase in our housing numbers every year, about the same as our population growth.

  4. Many thanks Guy, keep up the good work.

    Your précis saves a lot of reading.

    I note & agree with what Steve Dargon says above regarding traffic. Hopefully EHDC & HPC will be pushing the Highways Agency & HCC for appropriate improvements to the A3 & A3M.

    Similarly we need to ensure that local services of every nature are upgraded concurrently with, or in advance of, development which will lead to increased demand.

    • Hi Nigel, Thank you! and when the final document is ready for review I will post that here too. The LEOH development brings a lot of road improvements to Jct 2 of the A3M as well as a new primary school, community building, vast amounts of public open space and playing fields. Guy.

  5. Guy
    Thanks for your reply, but the question I’m really asking how are these decided?
    Who actually works out the amount of housing and how scientific are there findings?
    When do we get to the point when enough is a enough?
    With the land being eaten up at an alarming rate should we not be trying to encourage more environmentally landscapes and less pollution for the population growth?
    Or is this just political pressure?
    Also road alterations at junction 2 of the A3 how on earth is that going to ease traffic?
    What in simple language are the highways plans to ease the problem in conjunction with the housing needs?


  6. Hi Guy, first time post from me – I live in Horndean -and I would be obliged if you with your knowledge as an EHDC Councillor can clarify something for me.
    I have read through The East Hampshire District Council Local Plan Review 2017 – 2036 which was published on 17 December 2018, just 7 weeks ago.Under Horndean there are 5 proposed site allocations being SA33 – SA37.
    None of these proposals mention the Blendworth Lane car park, toilets proposed sale.
    How can this latter ‘proposal’ arise when it is not in the Local Plan Review mentioned above?
    Perhaps I am being naive but EHDC must have been aware that they were considering selling the Blendworth Lane site well before they published on 17 December 2018? So why is it not shown?
    yours sincerely
    Ray Martin

    • Hi Ray, Thank you for the post and welcome to the blog.

      Every town of village has ‘built up areas’ and areas that are not developed. to distinguish between the two a map is prepared that defines the “Settlement Policy Boundary”. Land within this area is accepted as being suitable for development – if the plans, design, access etc are all suitable. The local plan review, if approved, will turn the sites that have been selected into land within the “settlement Policy Boundary”. The land on Blendworth lane is already inside the settlement policy boundary so can be considered for development.

      Currently there is a derelict building at the back of the car park and this either needs to be brought back into effective use, or knocked down and used for something else. My personal view is that EHDC need to redevelop the back of the car park but leave the car park and toilets for general use.

      Another area in Horndean that should be looked at is The Precinct – it is tired and inefficient space. It would look far better as a regenerated site with some street front retail and apartments behind it. Likewise as it is in the settlement policy boundary it would just require an acceptable planning application.

      I hope that helps? Guy.

      • Guy, get the Parish to buy Blendworth?
        You and your mate George need to get behind the Parish and Horndean and put this stupid idea into touch.
        Set up a fighting fund, use income from toilets and car park and Unit and pay money spent back. Where will some of the possible 5000 extra vehicles coming to Horndean when the concrete mass is built park? where will the shoppers restaurant users and cafe users park the local workers the people attending the surgery, the visitors, the walkers.
        Come on please think positively for the benefit of everybody and businesses in Horndean.

      • Thank you Guy for your prompt response.

        It’s important that interested parties realise there is only a six-week consultation period running from today Tuesday 5 February until Tuesday 19 March. As the Horndean drop-in session is not to be held at Barton Hall, Barton Cross, Horndean, until Saturday 23 February this shrinks the response period by 18 days if people wait until this date.

        Therefore a better idea would be to visit the Horndean Parish Office in Blendworth Lane, Horndean, from today to view the proposed Blendworth Lane Car Park proposal.

        I will certainly be doing so and am intrigued to see the ‘evidence based’ car park usage figures that EHDC are using to support their development proposal.

        Ray Martin

      • Hi Guy, I did visit HPC Offices this week but given your response of ‘land falling within the Settlement Policy Boundary’ I guessed they would have nothing on the Blendworth Lane Car Park.
        It would be pointless therefore to attend the EHDC Barton Hall drop-in session to specifically talk on this subject as they will have nothing to add.
        I have emailed Elaine Tickell – I’m sorry I hadn’t realised she was the Horndean councillor directly associated with the car park proposal – to try and obtain the EHDC documents minuting the original discussion and proposal. I cannot find them anywhere on the EHDC website.
        I’m late to the subject but am still confused as to how the proposal was officially promulgated.
        Perhaps Elaine will clarify.
        Ray Martin

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