3 comments on “LEOH Consultations – Round 2

  1. As i first said when I visited the site with EHDC bods who some were able to walk the site some not. Trust Not Tricks!! already the mention of increasing the number of properties comes into play. And that is what is happening, we are being played with. It was always councils intention to build a huge massive concrete jungle on these two areas, if they get away with this it will also happen else where. They are only interested in Council Tax and builders kick backs.
    This area will become a grid lock of cars, antisocial behaviour will increase, as it did on Gales Park until we took EHDC and Social housing to task, involved the police daily and demanded a meeting with all involved, only way but it worked and the drug users were evicted e but should not have to live like this. Vehicles will number 2000 to 5000.
    It is a lie that more housing is needed to this degree. Get out of the EU, with No £40billion handshake and sort out our own country first. Hospitals can’t cope with this extra influx of bodies as they cant cope now and they will come from Surrey London etc because the properties will be cheaper, all made out of ticky tacky and all looking the same.

  2. Could this information go out on Horndean Parish council Facebook page, then it can be shared easily. Thanks

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