8 comments on “Aquind Overwhelming Support

  1. We would be up in arms if this was not completed and in a few years we had frequent power cuts do insufficient generating capacity. The proposed structure is less visible than the many overhead power lines visible from my home.

    • Hi Harry, Yes, it is essential to have infrastructure like this coming into the UK to ensure continuity of power supply. There are also limited entry points to the grid to enable connection so the geographic constraint of a site like Lovedean sub station is also likely to be a key criteria. We need to test though the ability to locate the converter station in an area where there is already brownfield land, or less environmental impact with a longer length of cable between the converter station and the grid. If it does get sited locally then mitigation like a green roof, noise attenuation and screening are important. Ultimately there isn’t yet any application to consider. Personally id rather have the capability to generate 4Mw of electricity in the UK with UK owned and backed infrastructure with the monies charged staying in the UK than being handed overseas. We need to get our energy strategy in place. Best wishes, Guy.

  2. I live in Lovedean and know of no one who is supportive of the Aqujnd proposal in any way! Where do these comments come from other than the minds of Aquind’s marketing team!

    • Hi Dave, The claimed level of support for a project of this nature doesn’t surprise me as the opinion is based on all areas consulted. The opinion of residents 10 miles away on the design of the converter station will be very different to local residents so a breakdown of Aquinds figures for people in the local community, or from the Lovedean consultation, would be more useful. This blog will target a more local area and at the moment the results it is generating do not suggest we are replicating Aquinds claimed levels of support.

  3. I have no problem with this, although I would be interested to know the start and end dates of any heavy construction, purely to know if there’s going to be any road closures or possibilities of repairs afterwards. I couldn’t see it on a skim read through the consultation boards.

    Side tip: I recommend investigating different polling software. I was able to vote twice in the first poll. I confirmed that the number of votes increased accurately, and I suspect it would be trivial to do so multiple times.

    • Hi Dave, the earliest an application would be in and considered is the end of this year. Depending on how quickly they mobilise it could be as soon as 12 months time if it were to be approved.

      They advised that they would do a 1km stretch then go somewhere else for a while before returning.

      I’d expect about two years of works in all but we don’t have that detail yet.

      The poll is cookie based so once a device has been used to vote the poll won’t accept a second vote from that device for a week. If someone wants to cast a few votes they will find a way if they want to go to that effort. The poll here is currently indicating two things – low interest due to the small number of voters compared to other issues and that there is slightly less support than Aquind claim – but not much.


  4. We live in Frogmore Lane and would like to know exactly the route the works traffic carrying all the equipment etc. Our road is already extremely busy and has become a ratrun from the motorway through to Lovedean Lane and beyond and for the schools either end. I’ve also tried to find a map showing exactly where this ‘infrastructure’ will be.

    • Hi Anne

      There is an earlier blog on the 1st March with a map showing the cable routes. It’s not the best of naps but shows there will be significant disruption to local roads.


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