6 comments on “Boundary Review Submission

  1. Will the boundary changes have an effect on house builds in the Horndean area. Sounds a negative post, but after years of residents fighting local farm sites I think it is an important issue. If the boundary where the new homes are due to be built change, ie into the Rowlands Castle area . Then will Horndean have to provide more sites to be built on in the Horndean designated area?

    Many thanks anyway Guy for keeping us updated.

    • The simple answer is that ward boundary changes will not affect where homes can be built in the future. The assessment of which pieces of land offered for development are suitable looks at many factors but ward boundaries is not one of them. I hope that helps and thanks for taking an interest.

    • It’s about keeping the number of voters in each ward roughly the same for democratic fairness. For instance, the Hazleton and Blendworth ward was forecast to have 37% more voters in 2023 than the District average.
      To quote from the Local Government Boundary Commission England:
      “The Commission’s objectives are:
      To provided electoral arrangements for English principal local authorities that are fair and deliver electoral equality for voters.
      To keep the electoral map of English local government in good repair and work with principal authorities to help them deliver effective and convenient local government to citizens”
      Thanks for your interest

  2. What a load of codswalip.
    Who can predict how many voters there will be 5 years from now?
    Who predicted the credit crunch of 2008?
    Who predicted what political party will rule next.
    This is a load of trickery which the gullable will fall for.
    Just leave it as it is based on fact.

    • I think the relevant “fact” you are looking for is that Outline Planning Permission has been granted for 700 homes plus a care home and village, almost all in the Hazleton and Blendworth ward. The estimate of the number of voters in 2023 has been based on the fact that a fair number are expected to have been built and occupied by then. Plus, the LGBCE has a statutory duty to carry out reviews when degrees of imbalance between ward elector numbers in a District become excessive and then to place its recommendation before Parliament. If you want to know more, may I suggest that you refer to the LGBCE website where there is masses of information about why and how they do this. I can’t guarantee it won’t bore the pants of you, though!

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