One comment on “Aquind EIA Screening Application

  1. I live on Whitehorse lane Denmead in a grade 2 property surrounded by farmland and countryside. I cannot believe that a industrialised project of this magnitude has been purposed in an area of such outstanding beauty and farming community. I have studied the purposed site plans unfortunately I do not think they are completely clear and very difficult to fully understand the effect it will truly have. But I fear the huge impact to the environment and surrounding areas the disruption both during and after the building process is just a far to higher price to pay. It is frightening what we are doing to our environment in the name of progress once in place there is no going back. I do hope that we the people living in the purposed impact area will be considered and our opinion valued. I do hope the decision has not already been made by those who are supposed to represent us. Very disappointed and concerned.

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