6 comments on “Ward Boundaries – Your Thoughts?

  1. I am in agreement with the views of the local councillors. I can’t see any value add whatsoever in combining two “villages”. I have felt for many years that Horndean has little central heart for a village, it is divided by many factors, not least the A3. Whereas Rowlands Castle is a complete village, entire in every way, and whose house prices reflect that. I cannot see any amount of fairness being observed by a council that would have to incorporate the two village areas. There would always be the feeling that Horndean was the poor neighbour, the Us and Them, and therefore would never receive, gain or be improved upon with interest by that council or councillor. People are by nature very “tribal”, they are only interested in their own home ground. People choose to live where they are, Catherington for Catherington, Merchistoun, and Hazelton and central Horndean & Blendworth all having their own identity etc. Whilst I disagree with the Boundary Commission outcomes (both of them), I also cannot put forward any suggestion that would bring the parishes / local areas more together or how they could be managed fairly and well. Or at least better than they have been. A pot of worms – all of it in my view.

  2. I presume you mean ‘housing’ not hosing and ‘representatives’…


    Still waiting for progress on surgery!

    • Hi Caroline, many thanks and I have updated! Sometimes I only get a chance to blog after a bottle or two of wind and spellchecker doesn’t make up for everything! as for the surgery, the railings are being installed to the front which means we are a few weeks away from a building regs certificate which will enable the transfer of the building. We will get there… Best wishes, Guy.

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