4 comments on “Horndean Village Planters

  1. I noticed a few weeks ago how bad the planters were. Also the lovely three twisted topiary trees by the side of the half renovated house just past the Spar have been allowed to lose their shape, such a shame. I didn’t realise these were owned by Lindens. I also don’t get the Horndean Post delivered so was unaware of the story. It is taking so long to complete this development, and as for the doctors surgery, will that ever happen? In the meantime, thank you to the people who weeded the planters and to EHDC for the planting. They look great now.

  2. Hi Jennifer, we are hopefully in the last few weeks of paperwork to allow the solicitors doing the conveyancing on the surgery to transfer it. Possibly before Christmas. Then there will be a few months fitting it out. Best wishes, Guy.

  3. Top effort from everyone who helped do the planters, I was away from home for a few weeks and noticed all the work when I got back on the walk to the remeberence service, looks fab. Thankyou!! If there is another working party I’d be happy to help out.

  4. Hi James. Thanks for your comments. Will let you know when a further working party is planned. Lindens have committed to completing the outstanding works in the car park by the end of November. Here’s hoping as that will complete the transformation of the village centre. Elaine

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