7 comments on “LOEH – Where are we now?

  1. All for this, but I am worried about the increase in traffic off the A3 on the roundabout by Morrison’s. This has got busier and is adding time to journeys. In addition, can I request that the Road through Horndean Village from the Ship and Bell to ABA trucks and Vans is double yellow lines. Last week two cars were parked on the road causing a significant delay at rush hour. Given the significant number of homes built in Clanfield I would have hoped that this main road would be yellow lined. Fully support the LEOH development.

    • HI Jason, Welcome to the blog and thank you for the comment. The developers on LEOH need to fund improvements to the A3M junction to allow traffic to flow more freely on and off the land. one of the conditions is that this is in place prior to the first home being occupied. There are some plans showing the improvements on earlier blogs about LEOH.

      I’d also like to see London Road along the stretch you refer to given double yellow lines. The ward councillor is Elaine Tickell and we are all able to lobby for improvements in our wards. She is on Elaine.tickell@easthants.gov.uk if you’d like to drop her a note? (LEOH is also in her ward)

  2. Apart from this massive concreting over of open green spaces, the extra 4 to 5000 vehicles that will add to the current gridlocks, it is the biggest con yet that ” we need extra housing” this being the icing on their cake.
    Remember folks Trust not Tricks.
    Also those that vote, Who will be saying, I told you so?
    I hope I’m proven wrong.

  3. This still does not address the the road noise and pollution on the A3M that all the extra vehicles bring?

  4. What we don’t need is flats like the ones wimpy built in Waterlooville
    Horrible flat roofs with concrete stained walls?
    Horndean deserves better.

  5. Guy Surely it should be LEOH Not that I agree with the proposed development, Horndean will be changed forever with few things that will benefit the village! Caroline Peters

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