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  1. Is this coming from the same boundary commission that is recommending the Waterlooville leave the constituency of Meon Valley and become part of Havant? Funny they don’t mention the A3(M) as a boundary there, it is impossible to get from central Waterlooville to Havant on foot without walking down a dirt track or taking a huge detour via B&Q.

    As a former Horndean resident with almost 30 years under my belt, I only visited Rowlands Castle the once and that was to see what it looked like.

    What a load of rubbish, I hope that Horndean retains it’s identity.

  2. Totally agree with previous comments, this is stupidity and nothing more than expected from these clueless jobs worth.
    About the same as the jobsworths who agreed the massive estate to be built LEOH and allowing traffic to increase by a minimum of circa 4000 vehicles. Had to get out of Horndean because of this.
    Loved living in Rowlands Castle but fear that will now go the same way and lose its village status.

  3. This is a disgrace, they cannot split Horndean. They have obviously never been anywhere near here! An angry Horndean resident!

  4. This is like an episode of the BBC comedy WIA. Funny if it wasn’t so tragic.

    Horndean is in Horndean and has at its heart The War Memorial. It has a history, a heart and the hamlets of Blendworth and Catherington. Rowlands Castle is a different place several miles away.

    However, if we are looking at the new and newly proposed housing conurbations then we must conclude it is what seems logical.

    Housing developments in East Horndean will sprawl to Rowlands Castle. Potential housing in Catherington/Lovedean/Clanfield create a large ward requiring a representation.

    Why is anyone surprised?

    • Absolutely nothing as you will not be listerned to.
      Seriously start with local parish then councillors then your MP saying unless you act on what the majority want you will not get voted in for another term.

  5. I agree wholeheartedly with Guy Shepherd, this is an ill thought out and un-researched proposal. (They noticed when they visited that the A3M was a strong boundry) They failed to notice the large area of woodland between Horndean and Rowlands Castle – which is not only a strong boundry, but a natural one too.

    They mention that the whole of the parish of Rowlands Castle be in one ward, what about the parish of Horndean?

    How can you suggest you split a village in half, this is a stupid proposal, unless it is, as suggested above to facilitate the development on Hazelton Farm. However even if that development goes ahead, then it is even more important in my view that Horndean retains it’s identity as a WHOLE village.

  6. So how does that effect the budgets for Horndean and Rowlands Castle? What is the gain for Horndean? What is Rowlands Castle proposal for maintaining the area? I wouldn’t be surprised if this is aleady a done deal just like lots of other things that have happened in Horndean. Divide and fall.

    • Hi, in theory the overall budgets would remain the same, this is about where local representatives come from and making sure they are able to represent all parts of their community.

      Horndean is one community and RC has a separate identity. It makes no sense to break up the single community and put half with one that it has little in common with.

      As to ‘A done deal’ this is a draft proposal from an independent body which we have not had sight of before which has no support from local members. The blog gives everyone the source data and opportunity to give a view on if they agree with the proposals or not and how to give their views.

      There is everything to play for here.

      Best wishes, Guy.

  7. When talking about “Horndean”, do we not need to decide what we are referring to?

    If a community or village, then I suggest these LGBC proposals won’t change that one iota.

    If a civil parish, then I suggest these proposals won’t significantly change that either. The number of parish wards may reduce from 6 to 3 but neither the parish boundary nor the number of councillors (15) has changed. See paragraph 60 of the Draft Recommendations.

    I have never seen a reference to the “Horndean Wards of East Hampshire District”. In my view East Hampshire District ward boundaries do not define the communities therein any more than the postal town of Waterlooville does.

    If I was to offer any feedback on the LGBC consultation document, it would be to suggest that the proposed Rowlands Castle Ward is renamed. Why not Bere Ward?

    • Hi Steve, in a very large part I agree with you. If the ward were named Horndean & RC Ward a good part of it might be less difficult. The two villages though have their own separate identities and members from each very territorial. I don’t think a Horndean based Cllr would have the same interests for RC – and vice versa. If one community had both representatives based on the other it just would not get the same representation.

  8. This suggestion will cut the settlement of Horndean in half! It’s important centre including the War Memorial, shops, many businesses and the Parish Offices will be in Rowlands Castle. I would support the idea of Finchdean being absorbed by Rowlands Castle it is a near neighbour and they have close contact. The boundary to Horndean should include the small villages of Blendworth, Lovedean and Catherington as they add to the richness of diversity which Horndean enjoys. The boundary to the southern end should encompass the open fields of the Havant Road down as far as the Forestry Commission Land.

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