4 comments on “Big Power coming to Lovedean?

  1. Instead of taking up more countryside, could this application become part of the plans for the new development east of Horndean. It seems an obvious solution being integrated into an agreed plan.

    • Hi Bill, That’s a good question. About a year ago a private energy company looked at getting permission to install two diesel generators on land to the south of LEOH but this fell through. the objective was short term power generation to cope with peaks in demand. I’m guessing that the battery installation will take off peak energy, store it and then make it available every peak time to help spread the load (it is free energy as opposed to the generators which burned fuel). I don’t have enough details to know about how the two compared to size, why one would have worked at LEOH and if the 50MW proposed needs to be located next to the substation or if there are cables coming away from there that have this capacity instead. Ultimately the applicant is a private business making an arrangement with a private land owner and I suspect their cheapest installation is next to the Lovedean substation and Solar Farm. Best Wishes, Guy.

  2. These units require a lot of cooling, particularly when they are under load conditions. Close scrutiny of the proposed cooling strategies will be necessary to ensure that the noise from whatever cooling plant used is fully mitigated, respecting the closeness of Broadway Cottages and the other adjacent properties.

    • Hi Steve, Fully agree. After the EIA screening I would expect a full application in later this year. questions we need answered then would include the following:
      1 – what hours would the installation be operations (charging and discharging)
      2 – what cooling equipment is installed and what hours would this run
      3 – what is the noise level of the cooling equipment
      4 – what is the attenuation that will be installed into the units and can it be installed on the side of the units facing away from the residential properties
      5 – details on height and visual screening
      If this is approved then we need to make sure the impact is minimal. Please feel free to add more onto this thread. Guy.

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