2 comments on “Three Parishes Summer Fayre

  1. Guy

    My wife and I attended this new event today. We are residents of Horndean living in Wasdale Close.
    We are both in our middle 70’s.
    We decided to leave our car behind and go by public bus to Horndean centre and then to walk to Hazleton farm. When we got to the access to what was the previous Hazleton Country Store the gate was locked with only instructions to cars to proceed further down the road.
    By this time we were joined by families with push chairs and young children.

    The families turned back deciding that as they would have to keep the pushchair on the road it was too dangerous. My wife and I decided to proceed down the road on the basis that we believed we could walk on the grass safely.
    This walk became a dangerous nightmare once we got halfway along as we had to walk on the road against speeding traffic, many of which did not slow down or move over sufficiently. We are still recovering from the ordeal. I am very pleased that at the last minute our 2 younger grandchildren could not attend.

    As you are well aware this road is a very dangerous road for pedestrians and cyclists.. I understand you have future budget for a cycle lane in the long term once the housing development starts.

    We complained once we arrived to EHDC stewards and the Fayre organisers to be told that the farmer would not allow the opening of the farm access. End of story. How come he gave free use of the field but not a safe pedestrian access.

    I applaud the establishment of the shared village fayre and all the hard work put in but this basic failure for pedestrian access was a large Health and Safety Issue. You also lost many attendees who were not as brave or foolish as we were. I also know that several locals who know the area well trespassed by climbing over the gate. You can guess how we got back.

    As you know by now the attendance was low due to the one week proximity to the well established Rowlands Castle fete.

    Can you please take up the access matter with EHDC and Parish councils responsible for any future event at this venue. I assume you will get a repeat of the problem tonight for the Barn Dance for those not wishing to take cars.

    Brian and Ann Meakin
    023 92 595672

  2. Dear Brian and Ann, many thanks for the message and I have fed this back to the team of organisers. As with all things it is a little more complicated. The family who are on Hazleton Farm are tenants and do not own the farm. The Landlord gave permission to use the land for free which was great but only through the entrance that did not affect the part that was in private use. The signage could have been better and this is on the lessons learned for next year. As far as I ama ware there was a full attendance for the Barn Dance.

    For a first event there were over 1,000 attendees and a good mix of stands and hopefully year on year we can grow it and improve it every time. As you say, well done to the team who worked hard to put on a great event.

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