One comment on “So Another Election Is Coming

  1. All this is as be,however most I think will only be putting their x against the party they want in.
    Promises are one thing and keeping them is another.
    Majority voted out of EU. It has to happen now but not at any cost, in fact it should be a nil cost to leave.
    The door on doing future business with Europe will remain Fully open.
    We will still have BMW Merc Benz and the rest of foreign cars to buy. We will still trade with them but also with the whole of the market place world wide.
    We don’t want a government that says one thing and then does another.
    We want pension for women reinstated for those borne in the 1950s.
    We want millions put into the NHS, INCREASE Taxes to cover. STOP foreign aid.
    Rebuild our arm forces.
    Give us Grammer Schools.
    Stop lying.

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