9 comments on “Littering Fines May Increase

  1. A large amount of car dumped (out of the window) rubbish seems to be from people who visit KFC and McDonald and wonder if the restaurants can help. Most seem to be evening/late night and assume by youths.

    • Hi Lindsay, that is a big source of litter for sure. It’s especially depressing when they dump it in the fast food takeaway a few feet from a nearby bin!

      I’d like to see fast food and convenience stores litter Pick around them. Most of them feel once the customer has left their premises it’s no longer their problem. A few decades ago the store keeper would sweep up outside their store – today its someone else’s problem…

  2. Good, but not enough should be £100 minimum and then double if they do it again. Only way people will learn is to hit them hard will finds which will really make them think.

    • Hi Steve, agreed and I’d like it to go to £150, especially to target stuff thrown out of cars. Look at my earlier blog ‘money to burn’ to see how hard some lessons have been. Guy

  3. What council in their right mind would think it acceptable to charge for residents to deliver waste to their local tip? Littering needs to made socially unacceptable. As for fines, I did not even realise there was a fine and it was enforced. So there is something needed on the messaging.

    • Totally agree,Jennifer Dyer mentioned this when it happened and wrote to HBC.
      Predicting the future.
      It’s happening rubbish dumped everywhere.
      Here’s another prediction, as the run up to GE day all parties will be saying they will be Doing something more about it, but who do we believe?🤔

    • Hi Jenny, I fully agree. This was the County Council and we lobbied against it. It doesn’t bring in much money and this will be massively offset by the greater cost of collecting snythingbtipped instead.

      Fines have been pretty well advertised and I’ve written a good few blogs about it now. It’s also been in every ‘partners’ magazine. Have a look at my recent blog ‘money to burn’ guy.

  4. HCC proposed ban on disposal of household waste at HCC recycling facilities will only increased fly tipping. They are proposing to shift the cost of processing waste from themselves to the owner of the land on which waste if fly tipped – pure “smoke & mirrors”.

    There’s a County Council election on at present – I suggest lobbying the candidates & councillors not up for re-election to drop this absurd proposal.


  5. It’s crazy to deter people from disposing of their household waste responsibly by taking it to the tip. It would reduce the amount of waste if we were able to recycle more items, such as plastic food trays ot items marked with the recycling symbol and the number 5. If I meet any of the candidates for election I will be asking questions about this.

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