2 comments on “Throwing away money…

  1. Hi Guy, are there any plans for litter enforcement in Gales Brewery development? In particular outside the Spar shop which looks like a giant ashtray, now the car park is finally taking shape and Nash Hall is almost complete it’s a shame that inconsiderate people have to just throw fag butts and litter on the ground,

    • Hi Les,

      One of the most irritating things about the gales car park is that it is privately owned by Linden Homes and not a Council Asset.

      EHDC has powers to fine people for littering on the highway or public land, but not private property. We regularly chase Linden on the litter and they follow this up with a tidy up.

      The Spar pay a ground rent to Linden for the car park and contribution to estate management so they are best placed to put some leverage on Linden to keep it tidy – by not paying their bill until they do!

      But it is good to see the village centre slowly starting to look like it is coming together.

      Best wishes


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