25 comments on “Please don’t park like a dick…

  1. Hi Guy, I am with you on this 100%. Could you enlighten us? What HCC or EHDC regulation will the EHDC Civil Parking Enforcement Team be using to issue tickets? I have always had an issue that the Highway Code is advisory, not mandatory.

    • Hi Steve, it is the EHDC civil parking enforcement team who will be ticketing. As the roadway there has double yellow lines it is an offence under the Highway Code (rule 238) to park on either the road or the footpath. We are one of the local authorities who has taken on civil enforcement so the directive has been issued to watch this area closely! Guy

  2. I am a resident of London road and I live in one of the Victorian properties on the road which has no allocated parking. Apparently 150 parking spaces are available in the village. Well, I can verify that it is pretty much impossible during the day to park if I need to be at home (I work from home 2 days a week). Has any consideration been made for local residents struggling with car parking by way of parking permits or similar schemes? I have spent a lot of time over the last 10 years trying to get someone to listen about this to no avail. I agree selfish parking like the images pictured is not helping the situation, but this attitude of adding more and more yellow lines and parking restrictions is turning the village into a nightmare if you live there and aren’t fortunate enough to own a drive.

    • Hi Jo, I’m probably not going to give the answer you’re looking for – the home you bought has no parking and is on a busy trunk road. It will have been cheaper than one with off road parking. Being on a trunk road it’s not going to have road side parking. These you knew when you chose to buy the house. It isn’t the responsibility of everyone else to fund ‘allocated parking’ for properties that don’t have it. It’s not that you aren’t ‘fortunate enough to own a drive’, you consciously purchased a home without any parking and this will have been a cheaper home than one with one.

      It’s not fair to say you have tried to raise it with people with no avail. You contacted me about 3 years ago and I tried to see if Linden Homes would consider selling some of their land prior to development for parking space for you and some of your neighbours in a similar position. Some time was spent raising it with them to see if they could help.


      • Guy, thanks for the reply. You are of course correct. I know the house is on a busy trunk road. I know it doesn’t have a drive. It was indeed cheaper than properties that do have one, and as such was a good option when trying to get on the housing ladder. At the time, there were more options available for parking and there were side road options. I very much liked Horndean and my view over the fields at the back of my house and hence chose to live here.
        You did indeed offer some help in talking to Linden Homes, for which I was grateful. And you are correct – we were offering to BUY an option from them. I mention a parking scheme – potentially permit parking – which I also would expect to BUY and certainly not be gifted by others. But Please know that I have also contacted local authority, councillors, parish council and our MP about the state of parking here over that time. And it has been to no avail because there has been no outcome!! The sad thing is that the older properties which formed the original village Main Street are going to suffer as time goes on. They will end up unwanted by younger generations who can afford them but want to park. To be clear, I also support the regeneration of the village centre, it is becoming a well needed hub, and I support the doctors surgery move which is desperately needed. I simply had hoped I would be able to find a solution to the parking issue that I bought into, so that my car isn’t one of the vehicles getting in the way by taking up a bay!

  3. Can I just say that there are some dicks who have lived in the village for fifteen years and still have no where to park. We are trying to find a little spot that prevents us and our children having to walk outside OUR village to get to our cars. Take out the double yellow lines on the London Road and we can park by our house, and slow down all the dicks that speed through our village. Do not be disparaging by calling us dicks. Try living and walking up the road with a weekly shop and then judge us. Consideration for the original people of Horndean is an absolute disgrace. Most of you havent been here five minutes and you are already moaning.

    • Hi Sally, The parking in the two photographs is ignorant and selfish. It forces pedestrians to walk into the road to pass by and makes exiting the car park dangerous. I’m quite sure you don’t park across the footpath like in the photographs – or do you? Do you agree that’s not acceptable behaviour?

      If you have bought a home on London Road with no off road parking and are hoping for the trunk road which has been there for decades before you moved in will be re-classified so you can park in on the road in front of your home then I’m sorry but I think that’s not a realistic expectation.

      At no time have I referred to the residents of London Road as Dicks unless you own the Jaguar or the Transit that was sat on the footpath blocking it fully – in which case you would be a complete Dick.


  4. Guy can you enlighten me, where are these 150 parking spaces? I can count about 50 in or around the village centre which are not on private property. I agree that parking on the pavement is dangerous and inconsiderate but even with the improvements that car park is nowhere near big enough to support the Spar, post office, surgery when it happens and the other shops and businesses within a short walk from it.

      • Hi Jo – The EHDC and HPC car parks (Blendworth Lane, War memorial, Precinct front and BT Exchange) all do specifically to ensure that these are made available to support the local businesses. It is also a planning condition that the Gales Car Park does too so that the businesses they support have ample parking for customers and helps them grow. That is about 60 spaces that we should be able to count on being used for short periods so we can stop in, buy locally and then free the space up again.

        There is space for about 10 vehicles in the private car park at the rear of Shambles. I think they have changed ownership recently – Is it worth speaking to them to see if they will allocate and rent some private parking for you?


    • Hi Gill

      Car parking spaces in the village for businesses / shopping are as follows:

      8 The Surgery
      11 Parish Council Offices
      22 Gales Car Park
      6 New Surgery At The Rear
      14 EHDC Blendworth Lane
      5 War memorial
      15 Red Lion
      24 Ship and Bell
      8 The Precinct
      17 Shambles
      11 BT Exchange (between The Precinct and the BT Bridge)
      5 Lindens Old Sales Office

      146 spaces total between about 25 businesses – or 6 per business. (I have included the empty business premises in this like The Old SPAR, the Linden Homes marketing suite and Nash Hall)

      This does not include the 55 at The Premier Inn, the 16 to the rear of Shambles or The Precinct for staff use, the church car park on blendworth lane.

      Taking out the Red Lion and Ship and Bell car parks that is still 117 spaces between 23 businesses – about 5 per business. This includes the three takeaways that use none during the day. Some of the businesses like the travel agents and shops in The Precinct have infrequent custom and some a greater demand. At no time have I seen all of the car parks full at the same time. There is ample parking for businesses – and this does not excuse people parking full width on the footpath.


  5. Parking related, the new yellow lines by Napier Road have improved safety of the school run; the builders at the new care home were earlier in the year parking on the greens, someone seems to have put a stop to this as haven’t seen it for a month or so.

    My biggest gripe is walking through the wall of fog of petrol and diesel fumes as parents let their vehicles idle whilst waiting for drop off or pick up. One parent leaves granny in the passenger seat home-alone with the car idling whilst they leave the car to get their child from school … sigh.

  6. In response to this message of 15th March I wish to inform you that, when my husband and I drove through Horndean Village at 3.21pm (15.21) today – Monday March 20th two cars were illegally parked on the pavement. Three cars were parked legally near the shop wall but the other two were parked illegally such they were completely obstructing the pavement causing school children to walk in the road! Unfortunately due to the amount of traffic around we were unable to stop to get their numbers.

    We would like to take this opportunity to offer you our thanks and appreciation for the effort you put into Horndean Council.

    Regards – Brian & Ann Meakin Wasdale Close

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  7. “Dicks” Says it all really! No not he motorist YOU councillor for using such a term. No wonder people in this country look at certain elected officials with some suspicion.

  8. I think Horndean needs +150 spaces with no restrictions. There’s obviously demand from residents.

    I’m baffled why London Road is still considered a trunk road. This is completely absurd. How about redirecting heavy traffic to the other A3?

    • Hi Dave. Some years ago there were no restrictions and the parking in the village was being used up all day by people meeting other commuters to park and ride. Instead of a parking bay being available and used perhaps 20 times a day to support local shops, a very large number were being used all day and not helping the village.

      Generally the parking allows a 2 hour stay. It is also free. For all of the retail in the village that is surely what we need? Guy

      • Thank you for your reply. I was trying to suggest that residents need more parking considersation, not just the retail. Some of the side roads off London Road have double yellows or private parking which they didn’t have before, so I can’t park there. The double yellows on London Road run out just before the turning into the Yews. Parking there would, I imagine, make just as much disruption if parking closer to the village centre. Which raises the question whether to extend the double yellows or remove them entirely. I’m in favour of the latter, perhaps unsurprisingly 😉

      • Hi Dave, in the last 6 months EHDC have taken over responsibility for implementation of double yellow lines from the county council. They carry out regular reviews and if you’d like any changes considered can contact them directly at EHDC or via your ward councillor who for Hazleton and Blendworth is Cllr Elaine Tickell. Contact details on the contact your councillor page on the EHDC website. Best wishes, Guy.

  9. Hi Guy, this has no reference to the parking issue along London Road, but maybe you could enlighten me as to who’s fantastic idea it was to lay block paving strips across this ‘busy trunk road’ which has now shaken my victorian cottage for the last 3 years with each passing vehicle?

    • Hi Sam, the layout was designed and paid for by the developers who were Burton Properties before Linden Homes bought the scheme off them. Hampshire County Council heavily steered it and the objective of the narrowing, paving strips and different colour surfaces is to slow the traffic down.

      One of the strips has sunken a bit and so far I’ve pestered HCC enough to get them to improve it 3 times.

      If it is still a nuisance then you can follow up via Marge Harvey who is the County Councillor or the HCC website where you can log problems. FixMyStreet is also a useful website as it shows a map of where people have a complaint and the visiblity of it I perceive makes the response a little quicker.

      Hope this helps. Guy.

  10. Having just driven through Horndean Village and noted yet another car parked on the pavement causing children who will be passing by very shortly from school to walk in the road and the limited line of sight from cars leaving the car park, I was wondering if bollard/posts can be erected on the said pavement to stop this parking. Obviously people are taking no notice of your requests to not park on that particular pavement and a spasmodic check by a traffic warden is having no impact at all.

    Regards – Ann Meakin

    • Putting up bollards, more yellow lines and other reactive enforcement methods doesn’t help the fact that people want to park and can’t because there’s not enough space for them so they end up abandoning their cars in silly places and causing more of an issue. I have read all the lists here telling me about the spaces and to which business they are allocated. And I disagree about the statement that there are always spaces . Unfortunately I can’t post a photo here, but as usual on returning from work today and trying to park to go to my home I was met with cars littering the pavement outside the spa because people couldn’t get a space in the car park but also all over the place on Blendworth Lane and the church centre as the carpark there was full and spilling over. The carpark for the surgery, the parish council, the red lion etc etc etc are all designated for those businesses so they are no good to me or it seems all the other people who couldn’t park today. People have cars. People live here. They visit here, to shop and do business but also to visit people who live here. They need to park them – and they need legal spaces to allow this. There just aren’t enough and restricting the time on all, bar 15 (or however many are in Blendworth Lane) is useless. This subject is infuriating. Reactive rather than proactive actions compounding the issues rather than real solutions addressing the needs of ALL village users.

      • Well said Jo.
        The problem here and everywhere is they build all these houses and do not provide enough off road private parking for the size of the house a 3 bedroom house should have at least enough parking for 2 cars and probably more as young adults now cannot afford to move out and they still need transport to wprk and live. This is because they want to squeeze as many houses as possible onto as little space as possible so the developers make lots of profit and the council collect lots of council tax from each of the houses. Also with regards to the Spar car park it just isn’t big enough and when the surgery moves will be useless. The Spar is a convenience shop and therefore should be convenient for people to stop and pop in for bits and bobs and if there is no convenient parking they will just drive by and sooner or later after the surgery takes over the parking spaces it could close leaving the village without a general shop which would be a bad thing for the village. The situation needs sorting out between the council and the developers before the surgey moves in. It is terrible that the residents and other passers-by are just trying to do their business are being treated so disrespectfully when there is a lack of suitable and convenient parking for the housing and businesses.

      • Hi Gill. The EHDC planning policy is for one parking space for every 1 bed dwelling, two for a two or three bed and three for a four bed so this is pretty good.

        For the number of houses in EHDC we need to build about 700 homes a year to cope with our own needs. (We have just over 50,000 so this is about a 1.4% increase per year, about the same as our population growth). None of us like tightly packed development. It’s a balance between building on as little green field so we loose as little farm land as possible and giving enough space.

        The spar car park has a planning condition that when the surgery is open the 22 spaces to the front need to be managed and this will be with a 2 hour parking limit. There are another 6 spaces at the back of the surgery for the staff and GP’s.


  11. I refer you to the proposed sale by the EHDC of the parking spaces and public toilets in Blendworth Lane. Joined up thinking? I think not.

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