4 comments on “Crimea Barn Rescue Project

  1. If you would like to go to my devolved budget immediately, then I have £500 That I would be happy to donate towards this.
    My mother was great friends with Bill and told many stories about their very happy times
    Cllr Marge Harvey HCC

    • Thank you so much marge, we are delighted to accept your donation. I imagine The barn hold many memories for alot of people and your generous donation will help us achieve our goal in saving/restoring this lovely old build.
      Many thanks to you for the donation, we are very grateful.

      Danny stallard
      CBWG member

  2. Dear Marge,

    Thank you for such a typically generous donation. It will be marvellous if these old buildings can be saved for future generations.

    Brian Ahern
    CBWG member

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