7 comments on “Southcott Homes Is Back…

  1. I do understand that the targets in our area has been met. But trying to understand the jargon used in this latest proposal was so hard to grasp I could not possibly support/oppose because I just could not understand it. Am I alone in this?

    • Hi Sandy, some elements of planning are complex and I have posted a bit in the past to explain what the 5 year plan is etc. Basically a planning authority needs to assess what the housing need is for the next 15 or so years. We then identify land that is available and suitable for use which balances infrastructure and harm to the environment with the housing need. This is then build out. If there is not enough coming forward then developers are no longer constrained to the target sites and development like this would be allowed. The trigger point is if the planning authority has a 5 year flow of housing ahead of it. Currently we have about 7.5 years. I hope this helps a bit. Guy.

  2. Surely, based upon the facts presented in Councellor Tickell’s report, no means no. Otherwise, the generation of the 5 year development plan and it’s carefully considered areas of housing expansion would be have been a waste of time and energy.

  3. Hi Jim,

    You might be interested in this. I agree with this development being refused as the local plan and consultation has identified other sites to achive the local housing target. I reckon Southcott Homes (the outfit that built the houses in next door’s garden!) are trying to push this through to recoup the money they spent on the first application. From what Cllr Tickell says it looks like a shabby application anyway that does not include the relevant information for it to be passed.


    > On 09 February 2017 at 18:19 horndeanmatters > wrote: > > Cllr Guy Shepherd posted: “In 2015 Southcott Homes applied for permission > to build on ‘Land to the rear of 191 – 211 Lovedean Lane’ which was refused by > EHDC and subsequently also refused on appeal. At that time EHDC did not have a > confirmed Local Plan including an Allocation Plan ” >

    • Hi Joe, Some of Southcott’s approach to planning is very unintelligent. they have a few times applied for something they have no hope of getting, been refused, then appealed and lost. As a firm they seem happy to waste a bit of money. Unfortunately it riles everyone up and we have to resource a campaign to oppose!

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