3 comments on “Speeding In Horndean!

  1. Agree Guy, when I lived off the Havant Rd I could not understand why the highways with no objections from the local parish and yourself agreed to a 40mph speed limit from the Bretheren roundabout to the Red Lion.
    Much too fast in a build up area, should be 20mph.
    You really need to plan ahead for when the 2000/4000 extra vehicles from the new estate start thundering up and down this stretch of road. The writing is clearly on the road for all to see?
    Speed traps need to be in place asap before a death occurs.
    Steve s

  2. Hi Steve, don’t let facts get in your way, I have been pressing for Havant Road along that entire stretch to be a 30mph limit long since you moved into Horndean, or moved out. Also why I support SID, speed watch and also speed traps. LEOH will bring in about 1,400 cars which is a lot but try to keep the figures accurate. 700 homes isn’t going to bring in 4,000 additional cars. Supporting development outside of the village has minimised development and traffic in the village as has been put back to you a few dozen times now. Guy.

  3. Guy you never take into account the whole picture, 700 properties let’s just say 2 vehicles per property that’s 1400 min, then you will have friends guest family etc let say another 700 then your have the postman, the maintenance man the removal man let’s call that another say 350, you getting my drift Guy ? that little lot comes to circa 2450 oh forgot police patrol cars ambulance fire engines, considering this is a massive estate then their will be doctors nurses, teaches, retail employees, visitors to the open spaces the cricket pitch Guy let’s get to true factstory, you could be looking at an extra 5000 vehicles coming and going to this new estate, You can see why I got out, Steve

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