3 comments on “New Local Oil Field?

    • Hi Cathy

      Fracking is where you have gas (shale gas) and the geological data does not show this here. To extract any fuel from below ground whether oil or gas you need to pump something in to apply pressure and displace the fuel. In the North Sea this is sea water. Onshore it is generally water from the water table. Water is more dense that oil so this. Ales its way to the bottom of the reservoir and pressurises the oil at the top.

      In effect it is the same objective as fracking but to get oil to the surface, not gas.

      Best wishes


  1. The Environment Agency and Portsmouth Water have objected to UKOG’s application to drill at Markwells Wood . “We consider that any pollution from the development could have the potential to cause very significant consequences.”
    Thus far over 1,300 people have objected to the development, citing major issues with the faulty traffic assessment, narrow rural roads that don’t allow for two way traffic with HGVs, incomplete data and misleading risk assessments. The application contradicts most of the core values of the National Park with regard to public amenities, ecology, and preservation of the landscape. The aquifer beneath the site and the planned route to the site is protected and is a fast conduit for groundwater flowing towards the Bedhampton and Havant Springs which is a main source for Portsmouth Water. Portsmouth City Council “strongly objected” yesterday . And for what? The company is boasting about 55 barrels a day for 20 years. Bearing in mind that the average daily consumption of oil in the UK for is about 1,510,000(based on stats from 2015) this would come to about .0036% of our daily supply. Hardly a gusher and definitely not worth the risk. please link to http://www.markwellswoodwatch.org to object .

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