8 comments on “Gales Carpark Third Time Lucky?

  1. Carpark is still too small – I know this can’t be changed now! Something needs to be done to stop drivers parking on the pavement outside the Spar. The parked cars block a clear view of the road for drivers leaving the car park.
    Is it possible to make Linden homes also do something about the flooding on the main road, which occurs each time it rains ,presumably as runoff from their car park into the brewery flats.

    • Hi Jenny. When the surgery is open the carpark needs to be managed with a 2 hour no return for 1 hour control. This will stop people parking there all day and blocking spaces to make it more accessible. The cars parking on the footway is a problem and the plans show 4 large planters that will take up this space instead and stop them parking there. We have also been chasing Hampshire County Council about the flooding that appears on the road outside and they think there is a blockage between the centre of the village and the end of Havant Road where the surface water runs into a larger drain. The County Council need to clear this and we are chasing them. hope this helps, Guy.

  2. One again work seems to have come to a halt, the Flint infill is still missing on the replaced wall (which looks tatty) the replacement Victorian style railings not installed, no planters yet, exiting from the car park and Old Brewery Way continue to be dangerous and an accident waiting to happen due to very poor visibility when vehicles are parked outside the Spar shop.

  3. Hi Guy, I refer to previous comments about the Spar car park and dangerously poor visibility when exiting Old Brewery Way, are you able to say when this problem will be resolved? apart from the safety implications the whole area looks a mess with work once again coming to a halt, in my opinion this is very detrimental to our village.

  4. As Victor Meldrew would say, I don’t believe it!! Surely work on the Gales car park hasn’t come to a hault again!! ” builders” stuff fenced off taking up valuable parking, damaged brickwork which is eyesore, no bollards at the kerbsides yet so people still “parking like a dick” as you rightly previously commented,
    I know this is down to Linden but surely the Councll has some leverage to have this sorted in line with planning.

  5. Wait till land at hordean gets built on, Gridlock total,and thats if they get it right which based on this saga they wont!🤔

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