2 comments on “Fly Tipping Fight Steps Up

  1. I have to agree with you on this one Guy, the Leader ? in his decision is now very questionable if he should be the Leader.
    Only a blind fool would consider closing our local tip amenities earlier and also a whole day once a week as a way forward and as a cost saver. It will cost more money by taking this stupid approach.
    Surely you and your ” mates” can have a quiet word and tell him to “turn” before our countryside is covered in rubbish.
    You can’t let this happen Guy.
    You know how much the people in this area alone care about the place they live in, hence monthly litter picking.
    Steve s

  2. Fly tippers are selfish, lazy individuals that will carry on regardless of any opening hours at recycling centres. As with anything else the only way to discourage the crime is with a massive hit to their wallets in the way of fines. But who will enforce this?

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