10 comments on “New Double Yellow Lines

  1. Dear Guy

    Thanks for this.

    Unfortunately the link would not open and the map doesn’t seem to show Murray Rd – I had asked Lynn to consider extending the double lines at the top of Murray Rd as the parking for the vet’s and the school run make it dangerous.

    Can you clarify?



  2. The link that you have supplied does not work. Please supply the correct web page.

    Regards Paul

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  3. Hi Guy

    Thank you for posting this.

    Drivers, not just parents, routinely park on the zigzag hatchings outside of Horndean Infants school and on the various greens in their 4×4’s, continuous enforcement will be required if the changes are to work?

    A few of the Horndean mum’s ran a Facebook page to name and shame, the deal being that if parents promised not to park badly again photos of their car would be deleted. Seemed to work but as their children are now older they no longer update the page.

    Would like to see double yellows on the top of Murray Road where it joins with the A3 as children/parents cross here and it is squeeze for drivers with traffic coming in and out + parked cars.

    Can clarify any points if required.

    Many thanks,

  4. Hi Steve, parking around the school runs is an issue – I used to walk 2 miles to and from school each day when I was 8 and that was after a 15 minute return train journey! Can any comments be fed back to the consultation email address, that way they get first hand information and can follow up with thoughts if required?

    • Hi Guy, used to walk to school when I lived in Murray Road, and did the same when we moved to North Horndean. My mum gave me bus fare for the afternoon ride home, money went on a regular basis on Monkey Nuts or Peanut Brittle from the Newsagent, and when I was 15 on Shandy Bass via the Coop. Happy days walking home with my friends, and we beat the bus on a regular basis. Will email with my thoughts. Thanks again for posting.

      • Hi Guys, I have noticed markers painted on the road identifying where the double yellow lines will be on Five Heads – I am assuming this is being done in preparation for the yellow lines being painted for the New double yellow lines ? If this is the case I am assuming this was approved.


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