5 comments on “Horndean Parking Review

  1. Hello, Can you please supply the web address ​for where I can find the ” Public notices will be displayed in each of the affected roads”. I have search the EHDC website & cannot find it.

    Thank you. Paul Stone

  2. The junction at the top of Murray Road is very dangerous, as traffic turning in from main road has to negotiate parked cars from the vet’s or picking up from school and cars coming the other way have to swerve. Can the double yellow line be extended?


    Caroline Footman

  3. Parking is becoming an increasingly problematic issue for residents in the area.Ihave just returned to my address and had to queue onto the main road,holding up traffic because of illegal parking on double yellow lines and a Lorry delivering to the spar at the entrance to oasthouse drive.
    Please look into this as a matter of urgency and I have to ask where the traffic warden is.
    Yours sincerely,Ian Miles.

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