4 comments on “Poor Grass Cutting Service

    • Hi Vivienne, The hedges in White Dirt Lane always need cutting back – and it is always a challenge as they are privately owned and the land owners responsibility to do. If you contact HCC Highways (direct or by the county councillor Marge Harvey) they will follow up with the land owners.

  1. Hi Guy,

    Just to let you know I tried to telephone a grass cutting problem on the number you gave out in your letter and they would not accept my report but after 2 diversions later got to the right person.


    Mike Hayman

  2. Is there some good reason why the verge cutters always appear on the same day as waste collection? I’ve just watched the mowing machine driving round all the bins left out on the verge in my road (I did move mine!) and consequently leaving large lengths of verge uncut! Probably not even worth my mentioning the large amounts of wet cut grass now strewn across the pavements and carriageway!

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