3 comments on “To Remain or To Leave?

  1. Great piece of reasons for and against , or shall we stay or shall we go, but the truth is who do we believe. At the moment we have a government that had cooked the books on its spend around the world,millions know doubt billions to country’s that are spending money on space exploration, schools that don’t exist, and palaces for the leaders when we have to put up with not enough schools not enough hospital beds not enough teachers not enough police depleted army and navy , the list does go on so I’m struggling to believe the facts as presented on why we should stay, even the images toon figures are cooked.
    When I hear the real reasons of why we should go and they seem plausible and acceptable, I will state my reason based on hopefully truthful facts backed up with genuine cases of possible acceptability because the truth is no one can predict the future but with honesty and sincerity we can control it better.

  2. This summmary was fair and balanced so a big thank you to George for putting it together. I have passed it on to my son who teaches economics and I will share it with othets

    • If an economist takes a look at George’s story and that of others saying we should Stay then I fear for the Stayers. Their numbers up in my opinion too many distorted facts and figures , but not only that should we not be looking at the millions wasted on MEPs salaries and expenses or how about the silly rules we have to abide by.
      Will we stop buying French and German cars?
      Will they stop selling to us?
      We will not be able to afford foreign holidays?
      Will they stop coming to the UK?
      Will our immigration intake really increase? Can it increase anymore ?
      Will our security really be threatened, anymore than it is now?
      Will the Leavers have £9m of our money to put forward their case?
      Is it not time that we are not in this together, anymore?
      Or were we not really in it together at all just told we were?
      Have the Stayers played their trump card and its back fired?

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