4 comments on “White Dirt Lane Improvements

  1. Hi Guy, it will interesting to see the impact on Five Heads Road as I suspect the diverted traffic will start using that route during the work and some will continue after it is completed – it would be good if a level of traffic calming on Five Heads Road could be implemented.

    Thanks for the update.


  2. Hi Len, Highways is a county responsibility and we do not look after / maintain any roads. Some of the other councils do (Portsmouth, Southampton, Isle of Wight) and some provide services to HCC including engineers design etc. Eastleigh provide this service to other councils (which they are paid for). this just reduces the cost of services.

    A while ago we all had separate IT teams. currently HCC provide an IT service including servers, firewalls etc for us, Havant, HCC and Hampshire Fire & Rescue. This has saved us a 6 figure sum year on year. In all partnerships and shared staff (we share about 12 key members of staff with Havant Borough Council including the CEO and Directors) saves us about £1.5m a year.


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