8 comments on “Devolution and Revolution

  1. As you have mention it Guy, how are you voting come June, In or Out and what’s your reasoning ?

    • For business and commerce reasons Steve I believe our economy is much stronger being in. I am going to the event organised by George to hear both sides as the immigration controls and NHS Tourism is something I am not happy with as well as our courts having a final say. Right now I’d like to know more about the deal Cameron got and how it might improve our position. I’m pretty sure I will be voting IN. How about you Steve?

      • Thanks for replying Guy; based on what I know today I will be voting Out.
        I don’t believe what I am hearing very recently and what Cameron came back with will be of any benefit to the majority of British UK born and bred citizens .
        At the moment I fear for this country, I fear for my grandchildren.
        Being part of the EU does not make us stronger.
        We will still trade with all the countries we currently trade with, as someone learned on the subject once said BMW Mercedes VW Peugeot etc are not going to stop trading with us.
        Are our holidays really going to be dearer? Do we really care?
        We give some £54m per day to the EU pot yes we get some back but let’s keep it all and support our NHS/ more schools/ more police stations/ pensions/disable people.
        Are the Russians going to come?
        More fear from Isis and and the “loads”coming our way, I think.
        This is just a very very small example of why I will vote Out. Forgot to mention our Courts getting over ruled, human rights and so on and so on. When you really start thinking about it, it makes you think why do we have all these MPEs with their salaries and pensions. We are to work over 35 years to get a Full State Pension but then get it put back some 7 years if you happened to be female and born after April 1956, how long does an MPE have to work to a get a pension for life, no wonder the likes of the Kinnock family want us to stay In. So Guy based on what I know today in June I will be voting Out.

  2. I have read this with interest. I may be a bit thick but can you tell me what LEOH stands for.

    Thank you and regards

    Jane Stevens On 1 Mar 2016 2:31 pm, “horndeanmatters” wrote:

    > Cllr Guy Shepherd posted: “Devolution and Revolution. There are big > structural changes in government coming up – at all levels, Local and > National. With the EU referendum in June it will be interesting to see what > our National and International political structure looks like in 2 ” >

    • Hi Jane Stevens it stands for Land East of Horndean, it refers to the concreting over of two farms on either side of the Havant road, Hazleton and Pyle Farms some 700 homes and industrial units and a school and recreation areas and some extra 2000 or more vehicles and will take some 10 years to complete but first they have to prove that it will not contaminate the water supply to some 300,000 users.
      They were also going to build a huge diesel driven power plant but thankfully that was withdrawn,, for the moment . Hope this helps.

    • Hi Jan, I believe the Boundary Commission come up with their independent recommendation which then goes to public consultation. I will post it here. When it happens. Guy.

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