3 comments on “EHDC Allocation Plan SOUND

  1. That’s good then Guy but do you think with the police stating that the roads between Waterlooville and Horndean are dangerous and will need to be policed more that this massive development will only add to the major problem?

  2. Steve it is not just good – it is excellent news as it helps us block further green field development.

    As to the roads between Horndean and Waterlooville I think they have always been busy and are a risk for pedestrians and cyclists and need more policing anyway.

    At least the new development gives us £1.4 million to spend on road improvements in our community including traffic calming and supporting bus networks, money that would not otherwise come in. The police also get additional income from the extra houses so this should help fund additional resources for them.

    Incidentally as a parish councillor I organised the Speed Indicator Display units that Horndean has, supported the start of Speedwatch and as a district councillor have helped fund the entire cost for 3 additional PCSO’s dedicated to East Hants and the purchase of police camera equipment to help give them extra resources.

    A blog has also beep put up just now about the next police surgery at Horndean Library on the 18th March so why not go along and give them some feedback?

  3. I will try if I can Guy but hopefully they have finished setting up the Neighbour Hood watch which I organised before we moved on?
    We arranged a meeting with EHDC,Sovereign Housing Assication, and the local police at Penns Place to discuss a more benefital way forward with social housing and the local community to Gales Park and also the way forward with a Neighbour Hood watch. There was traffic problems then with “boy racers” I just feel for the area as a whole, but let’s watch this space, file the notes and quotes and see what happens.

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