10 comments on “Who Do We Think We Are?

  1. Hi Guy,
    I run a social enterprise which supports disadvantaged children & young people.
    I’m really interested to find out more ?
    For access to my online portfolio please visit my Facebook page Seekers Social Enterprize (Look for black Butterfly)

  2. I found a round chalk encrusted flint about 1.25 inches diameter ,evidently shaped by the sea. This was in Horndean. Near by was a disused chalk /Flint quarry now filled and housing built on top. On breaking open this stone ,what I found inside the flint which broke open was amazing. there was a hollow with a bone like structure with sparkling crystals. This happened last November and I have just about all of it assembled at home. The pebble? had been lying around for some time and curiosity got the better of me. I am unable to get out and about and I would love to know more. Is there anyone who can help to solve the mystery please? I am wondering what I have let loose into the atmosphere from the encapsulated space in the flint! No one I have asked so far can Help

    • Hi Angela, I lot of geology starts off with live millions of years ago. It is not unusual for bits of bone etc to become buried in silts etc which over the years harden and compact. this is how fossils are made. I believe some then can end up as flints. It sounds like you need a geologist. if you want to email me a few photos on guy.shepherd@easthants.gov.uk I can see if there is an archaeological interest and let you know? best wishes, guy.

    • I am of a similar position, but in West Sussex. I only have to garden to come across anomollies that should not be in my small garden. Fred and Barney have been working here and have been quite artistic on one item. I could not believe what came to light after washing the mud off of a stone that I then left drying on my draining board. Perhaps it is a hoax. I await the new local museum to open, and my son to photograph it, and upload it to the portable antiquities site. Cave art on a stone !
      I found one such stone in my front garden that looked like a crystal cave. inside and now sits on my mantelpiece.

  3. What ever happened to the results of the archaeological search carried out on the Green Lane site prior to the start of the Windmill View development. I seem to remember the discovery of some unusual and not previously observed post holes. We were informed that a report would be published but have not heard anything since. I believe there were also evidence of pottery and other finds.

    • Hi Roger, the planning officer will have been issued the details and an archaeological report needs to be submitted to satisfy any planning conditions. This will be posted on the planning portal when it is issued. Cllr Ken Moon is the Councillor for Clanfield and should be able to help here. Hope his helps, Guy.

  4. What of the survey on what is now Gales Park Havant Road evidence of settlement found there ie 6post holes Some Romania input also. IT IS known that the AM cut through this site.

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