5 comments on “New Car Park Works Start Soon

  1. Thanks for this – will there be spaces for disabled drivers and will there be a time limit for parking?

    Any news on surgery?



    • Hi Caroline, Thanks for the message – The car park is not very big so a disabled space which would take up two spaces would take a lot of room from the car park. The new layout though has 4 parking bays where there is side on access to an island so people who need better access can get in and out. If there is a clear demand then one of these spaces can be easily marked up as disabled.

      One of the problems with the car park at the moment is the spaces being blocked by all day users so yes, there will be a ‘2 hour – no return within one hour’ limit on the car park rule.

      Finally, the discussions about the surgery are moving on and I’m very much hoping that in just a few weeks The Surgery will be able to make an announcement. Making sure this vital local service can move into bigger and better premises is critical for us and a lot of work is going into this. Unfortunately NHS England have indicated that they are not willing to help with any funding and this means we are having to be very inventive with solutions.

  2. Can you tell me if Linden are supposed to be doing up the 3 old Gales buildings – the two houses and the white building on the corner by Oh So’s? I wonder what is happening to them. I asked at the recent ‘land east of Horndean’ meeting, but no one seemed to know.

  3. Yes, what is happening to the old Gales buildings? It’s vital something is done, the one near Oh So’s looks a mess.
    I have concerns about car park when surgery is open, there is not enough parking space!

  4. I think Kim O’Brien, a local businesswoman has bought most of the last buildings that are left and I think she has just started work on them now. I think they will be in good hands – she did Cadlington House and this was very well converted – and won an award. guy.

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