5 comments on “LEOH £17,750,000 Benefit

  1. Guy, £17,750,000 is an astonishing amount of invest in the Parish and the surrounding community. Wouldn’t it be great to hold a public consultation in the coming months, expanding on the outline S106 information above with some detail? A map locating all the proposals would be particularly informative.

    Quite a responsibility for our local councillors to “get it right”. I do hope they scour the Horndean Parish Plan and promote as many of those initiatives as S106 regs allows.

    The consultation display for the proposed community centre on Saturday was an informative one. Thank you for posting the link to the PDFs. Steve

  2. Hi Steve,

    Thank you and we should rightly be very proud of the total the development will bring into the community. Local Councillors led these negotiations. We entered into discussions with the county council over the one form entry schools and negotiated a 1.5 form entry school with space to increase to 2 form entry at ay time within the following 10 years. the community building started off aa 440 SqM worth about £0.5m and the final allowance is up to 1,500 SqM and a budget of £2.4M (plus the land, services, car park and landscaping).

    The Parish Plan is one of the key documents that has been used so far as evidence to show the needs. the football pitches and other playing fields are direct needs identified in the plan. The MUGA also promotes outdoor sports as does the outdoor gym equipment. the 50 acres of publicly accessible open space is a major feature for our community who have largely moved here to access the countryside.

    The business section of the plan identifies the very large number of work from home businesses that are looking for their first step into premises and we would like to see a business enterprise centre on the employment land as well as a building supporting technology and engineering.

    As you say the plans will evolve – some over probably a year – and there will definitely be further presentations to show how the ideas are shaping up and to make sure the feedback we have is being incorporated as best we can.

    One good example of this is the public open space where there are opportunities to work with HBG (Horndean Biodiversity Group), allocate space for education and create parks and picnic areas. Similarly the skate park which has been given space in the plans.

    At the moment the focus is on getting the specification for the cricket pitch and pavilion right, quickly followed by the community building.

    Thank you for coming and also for the feedback! Guy.

  3. Guy, I have to say what an outstanding outcome! Congratulations to you and your team, you have done a brilliant job, very well done. Almost £18m……..!

  4. Hi Guy,

    I am keen to have my name added to a waiting list for the proposed allotments at Hazleton which form part of the section 106 for the land east of Horndean, but I have been in touch with both the parish council and EHDC and no one seems to be holding a list or to know who will manage a list for these at this stage.

    Can you look into this for me?

    Christine Broomfield 1 Wasdale Close Horndean

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    • Hi Christine, the allotments are perhaps 5 years away and will eventually be controlled by Horndean Parish Council. I understand they do t want to open a waiting list thus far ahead so it will be a case of registering closer to the time. There are about 120 so there is no danger of running out! Guy.

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