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  1. Guy, it is all well and good getting the builders to sign a legal document to say what they will give the community, but who polices it?? The Gales area was supposed to have a care home with in it, what happened to that?? They built more homes!! The area off off of Green Lane doesn’t have all of the facilities that they said would be built. The money for the Doctors in White Dirt Lane hasn’t materials end yet. I hope that LEOH will be better policed and what has been promised is actually built!! Ron

  2. Hi Ron – Good and important question. The contents of the Section 106 agreement need to be built and handed over to the community which then owns them. This is the Developers Contribution to the community.

    The care home element of the Gales plans were a part of the plans and a private business, not a ‘developers contribution’. This part of the scheme was no longer viable when Southern Cross (who were part of the development team) went bust. No other care home provider would take the scheme on. The Gales Brewery development has brought in about £1m worth of Developers Contributions so far.

    I am quite certain the green lane development has all of the Section 106 facilities – either being built now or imminently. The sad thing about Green Lane is the new purchasers opposing the plans for the community facilities. What we have done on LEOH is to get these plans in right at the start so the new occupiers can not oppose them. I posted a blog a while back listing them all. if you wanted to look into it further on every approved planning application there is a document called the Section 106 agreement which lists them out.

    The Green Lane developers contributions for the surgery have been paid by the developer on time. bizarrely it has been a battle to get NHS England to accept the money. There is one difficulty I do empathise with on this though – the surgery is a private practice. they get paid a fee for every patient that registers and adds to the patient list (I think it is about £70 per patient) so 1,000 new patients would bring in an additional £70,000 per year. The surgery is privately owned – including the building. if the developers contributions are used to pay for the additional consulting space then the building value goes up. The shareholders in the surgery have a windfall. I think NHS England are asking the surgery to contribute 33% of the cost to enlarge and NHS England will put in the rest of the money. To be fair that seems pretty reasonable, especially as they get the benefit of the full increase in building value as a business.

    I hope you can make the consultation – if you can look me out. ill have a copy of the S106 and be happy to show you the detail.

  3. Good news Guy.

    We have been promised that the terms of the S. 106 agreement will be made public once it has been signed.

    It will presumably be on the EHDC website shortly, will you please post a URL to it when available.

    Many thanks


    • This is shown on the Hazleton Farm site but according to the local paper no developer has signed up for this site, is this true? This was the site where the promised recreation / retail / employment benefits were supposed to be located.

      • Hi Len, the feveloper is Highwood who are the care home operator. They provide the cricket pitch and pavilion.

        They have signed Cala Homes for Pyle Farm which is 188 homes. After 150 homes the £2.4 million for the community building becomes due for payment so as you can see we did think about that and this goes ahead even without Hazleton Farm.

        The school land and access is also linked with the first houses so is also guaranteed early on.

        Highwood are starting to market the Hazleton Farmland shortly and say they have had a lot of interest.

        The employment site will also be a separate developer and there are firm plans for this part of the development.

        If you can make the consultation then I’m happy to tell you more. Guy.

      • Thanks Guy,

        Does this mean that the phasing detailed in Land East of Horndean – Environmental Statement, Volume 1
        Chapter 3 – Description of Proposed Development – Phasing Plan

        is now not valid.

  4. Hi Len. I’m not familiar with the document. If you are coming to the consultation this weekend if you would like to bring along whatever you’d like feedback on I’m very happy to do that. alternatively I’m also happy to meet in Horndean and do this over a coffee? guy.

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