12 comments on “Horndean 20MW Power Plant

  1. 700 homes, industrial units , 2000/4000 extra vehicles , solar panels, now a power station, what next”that won’t have an impact”

  2. STOR installs by their very nature of burning liquid dinosaur are unsustainable, a short-term bandage to energy needs. Energy needs that will increase due to increased housing and the increase in the rollout of electric vehicles plus lack, plus lack of planning by the various governments.

    The installation of STOR plants like these are subsidised by the taxpayer, the Financial Times estimate to the tune of £436m.

    Not sure I’d want to buy a house or live near quarter of a million litres of stored diesel. A malfunction or two and kaboom!

    There must be an impact to the local air quality, burning fossil fuel generates carbon dioxide, those nasty particulates and other unwanted airborne emissions that have come to light in the recent Volkswagen cover-up. Cough cough.

    Does this mean that at peak electricity generation, when the wind is blowing in the wrong direction Horndean will smell like the back end of a diesel bus? Some complained about the smell of Gales when it was brew day, give me that any day (mmmmm).

    I don’t feel qualified to make a planning comment about this proposed installation, so will abstain.

    Sorry if this comment comes across as a moan, I’m don’t mean to shoot the messenger, thank you for posting.

  3. Very informative and interesting Steve Maine, quite right a big big concern with further polution added to all the extra vehicles, I feel the public who voted this mass concreting over of open spaces and green fields are yet again be conned hence some of us didn’t vote for this as we have seen it happen so many times before. Trust not Tricks springs to mind yet again.

    • Not sure what you are talking about Steve Sykes regarding your comments.

      I try to stick to a fact based discussion.

      Certainly fossil fuels will run out.

      In fairness Solar Power will also run out, though there it a good 5,000,000,000 years left for Solar power before the Sun goes pop.

      STOR is going to be short-term, it won’t even last a few decades.

      I’m placing my money on Solar power, and as of just 7 days ago I had a 6kW Solar System installed generating energy to run my house, and also to fuel my electric 2 ton 4×4 SUV.

      Is it the right thing to do, I have no idea, we can only make what we think are the right choices.

      • Fact based comments sorry Steve Maine, I just try to keep comments to reality based on what is actually happening. We have planning agreed for 700 homes plus industrial units plus a school plus recreation, we know this will bring some min 2000 extra vehicles , we had planning agreed for a solar farm now we have a request for a Power Plant, where does it stop? This area of farm land is now to be a concreted mass of 700 homes plus lots of other units and now a Power Plant please someone guess at how many vehicles will now being using the Havant Road?

  4. Can anyone say what the polution levels could be with all these homes the school the industrial units the recreation facilities the power plant the vehicles?

  5. Lots of feedback!

    As a country we need a more resilient energy strategy. A combination of Nuclear, solar, wind and general renewables. Solar and wind are limited to daylight and windy conditions. We have too little generation capacity right now and are closing our coal fired power stations. Hinckley Power Station is going to be a decade away as are the three other nuclear power stations which were announced recently.

    To stop brown outs before we have more power stations we need to look at local resilience. Generators to create electricity are very inefficient and the proposal is to run them no more that 1% of the time. I guess I’d rather have that than no power.

    EHDC have implemented a significant environmental policy which requires new homes to have renewable energy which included solar heating, solar power, ground and air source heat pumps and more. It’s worth reading on the website.

    I’m not an expert on the exhaust fumes but expect them to be significantly less than the load from the A3M.

    As a short term measure I’d rather we did it than not at all but would like to see a more robust national strategy so it is the short term measure we are told it will be.

    Please comment on the application though. Raising concerns about the exhaust fumes is a very legitimate comment and I gather a lot of comments are being made. As we have demonstrated locally the community view does make a difference.


    • Hi Guy,

      Thank you, I have submitted my comments regarding the exhaust fumes.

      I leave you with this question, if VW can blinker an entire planet to the damage their diesel’s are doing to to the environment and people’s health, how can a District Council make an informed decision and correct decision regarding the environmental impact of a diesel STOR site next to residential housing?

      • Hi Steve, that’s a good question and inevitably it relies on the manufacturers instructions for exhausts, filtration and maintenance. The sooner we can get our nuclear, renewable and zero carbon energy generation up the better.

      • Well here you have it folks especially those of you who voted this concreting of an open space , the proposed four( 4) above ground 40,000 litre diesel storage tanks to power the Power Plants which will be sited near to the 700 homes and school & which “won’t have an impact” according to our Guy Shepherd could effect your water supply and thankfully the Environment Angency has rightly objected. Just think on top of the concerns for water pollution there is also the diesel fumes and then the possibility that someone or some bodies could damage the tanks and the unthinkable could happen?.
        The problem is that because so many of non locals voted the development in you now have developers, this latest one is from Cornwall,really believing that you are so gullible your fall for anything . As I have always said Trust Not Tricks.
        I can only hope that Portsmouth Water will now throw their weight behind the EA.

    • Great no doubt they felt that some of us were not so gullible and we’re ready for a “fight”but I fear this might not be the last of it. Now that planing has been granted on such two large sites both Hazleton and Pyles Farm I will predict that many many various types of developers will be chancing their luck. Buts what is strange is that It was Solar Panels, then this Diesel Plant with environmental agency objecting to latter and Portsmouth Water about to follow, so how safe will our water to over 300,000 households be when all the houses and the school and the retail outlets are built. Have the developers explained how safe their developments will be Guy.

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