4 comments on “Crookley Park Appeal

  1. What happened to ” agree to the leoh being developed and it will secure the safety of every green patch and that no further development in our area will take place” as I say Trust not Tricks.

  2. Here we go again. It seems never ending. Developers just don’t give up. It would be so wrong to destroy this valuable piece of land between Horndean and Blendworth. If developers all had their way we would have no green spaces left at all

  3. its just a game to the developers (with a nice profit at the end)…they hope to wear people down by continually applying for planning permission, going to appeal, alter the specification and proceed along the same route again and again until they get what they want. Horndean is under siege….

    • Hi, yes, that’s the developers intention but the good news is our appeal success rate is currently 81% so the odds are in our favour. Also, the allocation plan has gone through examination with very few comments. Guy.

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