3 comments on “Blendworth Lane Application

  1. Totally agree Guy and as you and others know I along with many others attended the last 5 hour or so meeting between Sunley and EHDC, Sunley are well prepared and will not give up. It will need a local Huge effort to support the objections to yet another development that will only ruin Horndean and Blendworth for ever . I had enough of what is happening in Horndean with the social element ,hence moved, if this gets agreed the social element will add to the failings that this type of development brings to an area . Forget the two houses for veterans , 30 might possible have had some sympathy ?. Regards steve s

  2. The arrogance and utter disregard for local opinion is breathtaking. What does it take to get the profit seeking people and companies involved to accept that no means no!

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