8 comments on “Oh So’s – Not Just A Coffee Shop

  1. The atmosphere the other day was amazing as were the cakes. As a lover of both coffee and cakes and living very close to Oh So’s methinks I might have a diet problem

  2. They are a lovely couple, and we’ll be sampling coffee and cakes asap! We wish them all the very best!! 🙂

  3. A friend and I go ‘Cake-ing’ once a month a gave Oh So a go and will definitely be going back. The cakes were absolutely divine and the atmosphere was really congenial. Keep up the good work Chris and Jo. It was a delight dealing with you at the Post Office and your friendly service continues in your wonderful new venture.

  4. Have been twice since it opened. As a resident of Horndean I used the Post Office frequently and will be visiting Oh so regularly. Good Luck with your new venture

  5. What a fabulous cafe, a real sense of nostalgia and a great atmosphere. Lovely cupola and bone china… And free wifi to boot. A really great addition to Horndean…!

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