6 comments on “Havant Road Speed Consultation

  1. Thank You Guy. I have previously campaigned to get the reduction to 30 mph but will certainly send my views again and yes I think it makes little or no sense to have one little bit at 40 mph. It won’t deter the real speedsters of whom sadly there are too many – a few highly publicised fines might help

  2. Makes commen sense rather than wait for a death, it’s very clear to all that this road is to fast. It would be really good if the decision makers could make the right decision and reduce to 30 now.

  3. Thank you Guy for highlighting this.

    Emailed, and included my home address (though not sure if this is needed).

    Having walked down this road when checking out the new development, the 40mph is no longer suitable. We also drive on this section of road at least twice a day and 40 doesn’t feel safe for pedestrians or the school kids on their bikes.

    Have asked for the full length to be done.

    Thanks again.

  4. I agree the reduction in speed limit from 40 mph to 30 mph should go the full length of Havant Road. I would further suggest that large repeater 30 mph signs be erected on Downwood Way, Old London Road through Horndean Village and on Portsmouth Road, Horndean. I stick to the speed limit and am daily harrassed by drivers tailgating me and trying to push me up the road because they obviously think it is a 40mph limit.

    • Hi Rosemary

      I am merely a lay person and a commenter on Guy’s blog, though I do have a local campaign to try and reduce the risk traffic poses to pedestrians on Tempest Avenue in Waterlooville following the death of our Lollipop man.

      30mph Repeater signs can’t go at the locations you mention as there are street lights at regular intervals, if there are street lights without 40mph or above speeds shown then it is inferred that it is a 30mph zone.

      What can happen is the painting of 30 within a circle onto the road surface, or “Think! this is a 30mph limit” signs, here is a link to what they look like: http://www.tempest-avenue.co.uk/2014/08/30mph-zone-signs-installed/

      The net of it is, some drivers don’t care about pedestrians or managing their speed. Despite Tempest Avenue having a “20mph zone” with flashing lights during school times, drivers overtake putting school kids, the lollipop man and parents at risk.

      Hope this is helpful?

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