4 comments on “Changing Hats

  1. Something I read on Facebook, and I don’t know which force the officer came from but not dissimilar to the duties our local team face, although thankfully, on an occasional basis.

    I’m posting this here in the comments because the story says enough by itself and doesn’t need me spooling it with an introduction.

    Thank you to all our local emergency services for the service you provide us.


  2. You guys delivering your type of service deserve the best support possible, unfortunately you don’t get it yet you still carry on relentless.
    In the circumstances described it is an unthinkable situation for most of us , you don’t get enough credit, I don’t believe that is what you seek, but our support and gratitude we should give at all times, please believe us that we do support you and we will be for ever grateful .
    Steve Sykes

  3. I can’t imagine how difficult and frustrating it must be for the emergency services, increasingly having to deal with mostly self inflicted alcohol related incidents, especially when threatened with physical and verbal abuse. They do a fantastic job and deserve our full support and admiration.

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