9 comments on “Do You Recognise This Rubbish…

  1. Guy, Guy when are you council guys ever going to learn? You reduce opening hours of waste sites even though us public tell you all that it will create problems with fly tipping , none of you listen because you all know better, because you have been elected by the people because we put our faith in you all because you tell us you know what we all want and because you are the best elected people to deliver then when it all goes wrong you tell us to be on alert for the parasites in society who dump our rubbish. Guy when are we going to get it right?
    Regards steve s

    • Hi Steve, we both voted against the reduction in opening hours, but sadly hours have been cut regardless. Mind you, we still take our rubbish to the amenities even if we have to queue. Most of us were brought up never to drop even sweet papers, so maybe another anti-litter campaign is overdue? And, although I perish the thought I would gladly see some security cameras strategically posted :-).
      n.b. Guy is now going to remind me that I don’t approve of such things!! But, if it stops fly-tipping (large, and increasing fines) so be it.

      • Agree Wendy put CCTV in all vulnerable places it’s the only way to catch these maggots and open waste sites longer and relax the stupid rules, rubbish is rubbish, it’s not rocket science, councilors please start putting your weight behind us and strive to seek improvement of our environment , don’t wait for election time start a campaign now, please. Regards steve s

  2. I really struggle with the whole issue of littering and fly tipping and the fact that nationally and locally our legislators seem to be completely inept at dealing with the problem. It costs the Country almost £1billion a year to clean up this mess which is about the same amount that the NHS are in deficit so far this year. I know where I would rather see my hard earned taxes going, so please, please, please lets get some joined up thinking and a clear sense of determination to stop this infestation, Regards Rod Edwards – PS: What’s with the old mattress that’s propped up against the white Gales Brewery building adjacent to the new flats? Looks really attractive.

  3. Could hardly believe my eyes when I saw a mattress left out by the side of the Spar car park in Horndean.

  4. When you hear the unbelievable stories people tell when they attempt to dispose of their rubbish it’s no wonder fly tipping is on the increase. The News 9th Oct 2015. Our councilors need and must take full responsibility and relax the rules at Waste sites and heavily fine the scum that are dumping . It’s time to get serious!

  5. Hi Guy, we visit various ‘tips’ locally, and they’re always very busy. Cannot imagine what goes through the minds of fly-tippers. To sneak out when no-one is around and dump stuff, costs us all dearly, including the perpetrators themselves! I walk regularly in the local area, and report substantial heaps of rubbish on a weekly basis.
    A while ago, someone had strewn all kinds of rubbish across the lane, which included broken glass, wood with rusty nails in it etc… so potentially dangerous consequences for cars and horses.

  6. Hi Guy (again!) Thinking further….it occurred to me that when I report fly-tipping, I always take a pic and send it (assuming the fly-tipping website is working…) with the report. Would it be useful to ask you to post these pics on hornmatters too? Last week, I reported an item of furniture which someone might recognise as it was quite distinctive. This might serve as a deterrent maybe?

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