4 comments on “George on Affordable Housing

  1. All talk, short on action. Anyone who has looked at the new housing estate at Clanfield will know that sustainable housing was never a concern for the developers and those that gave planning permission. I enquired about the availability of two bedroom properties for my daughter and was informed that they did not build any! When I asked about 3 bedroom properties I was told that there were only a few built. What was available were 4 and 5 bedroom houses priced between £450,000 and £550,000. When I asked where did they expect to get buyers with that amount of money from the surrounding area,I was told they were not looking for local buyers but we’re hoping to lure people from London now that the Hindhead tunnel is open.
    All the time developers are focussed on greed, people will go without housing.
    Sustainable housing your having a laugh.!

  2. And who will buy the affordable housing…. those who want to and can afford properties to rent out! Leaving our children still unable to get on property ladder!!

  3. As someone who moved to the area about three years ago from Lancashire the difference in price is just ridiculous. We bought a three bed house with a front and back garden for £127k. It was near the beach and close to lush countryside.

    Now, we’re renting. Many people say rental money is dead money.

    I wrote to Mr Hollinbery about this last year, suggesting I might have to sell organs on the black market to afford a deposit. Of course, I wasn’t serious, but I think he understood how much out of reach these developments are. We’d be happy buying an older house, but even those prices are going up. When home owners see a 3 bed new build with small rooms cost £300k, they understandably believe their 3 bed old house with larger rooms is worth more than they originally thought.

    • Easy solution to all of this is that when developers seek planning, then a price per property should be set for a percentage portion at an “Affordable” price ie under £200k. The council should make this a rule on every sizeable development of say 20-30 upwards. The £200k house should be a min of two beds with off road parking and a garden just the same as the “Social Housing” that they have to provide. All social houses will come with turfed garden parking etc.

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