3 comments on “Devolution – Will this benefit us?

  1. This will not work to our benefit. This will be more jobs for the lads with their salaries covered by us. You can not have a controlling body outside of an area they don’t live in . You only have to see how planning works when a decision is made by a person who lives several hundred miles away. The same will happen here but just not with Planning but on every aspect that effects our lives.

    • Hi Steve, What you are describing is what currently happens at Whitehall with Education, Investment, Highways, Health and a hundred other issues with ‘jobs for the boys’ in London instead. Making these decisions in Hampshire means we have a chance to focus on our needs, not national needs. What is important though is that if we do make any changes then they need to fit into the existing organisations and not just create a new layer of government. If it does not benefit us then we are not interested in supporting it and will just opt out. Incidentally, the inspectors who have looked at all of the appeals in Horndean have supported every EHDC decision – something you and many others were not expecting! Best wishes, Guy.

      • Yes agree Guy That I* was very pleased that the Inspector went against Sunley. RE Devolution It will not work you even said so several months back,

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