2 comments on “Solent LEP Business Support

  1. Guy,

    “…based on the evidence put before me, the local planning authority cannot currently demonstrate a five year supply of deliverable housing sites, relevant policies for the supply of housing should not be considered up-to-date in accordance with paragraph 49 of the Framework”.

    From the conclusions of the dismissed Sunley appeal. I am concerned by this as it must be an invitation to speculative developments in every field in East Hampshire.

    • Hi, I know EHDC would strongly disagree there was not a 5 year land supply – we have probably 7 years worth right now. In the last few months we have had about 14 appeal decisions and won 12 of them. Inspectors are generally acknowledging the more than ample 5 year land supply so there is a significant inconsistency with them on this. If there were not a 5 year land supply then Taylor Wimpey would be appealing on Chalk Hill Road and White Dirt Farm.

      I don’t think there is any danger of rampant speculative development.

      Do you not feel the decision rejecting the appeal was good news? every single appeal in Horndean has been rejected by the inspectors now.


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