5 comments on “George On Increasing Rural Crime

  1. All the platitudes in the world will not resolve this problem. The Tory policy of police cutbacks is having a devastating effect on rural crime. Talking to the so called Crime Commisioner is pointless. Put more police back into Hampshire. We know this won’t happen though. There is no money to be made from it. That’s the Tory ideology so crime is a low priority.

    • Hi Bill, EHDC, your local Tory Council, have made savings and have used some of these to fund an additional 3 PCSO’s for a three year period to support the East Hants Police Team, and also provided funding for 5 new ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition Cameras) in a package worth about £400,000. As local Councillors we are very concerned about crime and have done something about it – the first and only Council we know of to have ever funded additional officers and equipment on a full time basis. Guy.

  2. Hi Guy,

    More visible police presence surely better than more cameras which are a rather less helpful way of dealing with anything, in my opinion. Preventative measures must surely be more effective?
    I am very pleased to read George’s comments about rural areas being neglected and where rural crime is increasing…and his determination to improve things. But, if the ANPR cameras are coming, then it’s the motorists who will bear the brunt, and cameras will be sited at the more lucrative places?? (I know this to my own cost….)
    Hope I’ve got that wrong……

    Please can you provide more detail about the intended usage of ANPR cameras?

    • Hi Wendy. EHDC met with the chief constable and asked what his wish list would be. 3 PCSO’s and 5 ANPR cameras was the response. The PSCO’s provide a very visible presence which is great but the ANPR Cameras make a significant difference to serious crime. For example if a car is stolen the ANPR cameras can track not just the car, but as it passes two ANPR cameras it will flag up if another vehicle with a different plate also passed the same to cameras within a few minutes of the stolen vehicle. This helps to link a stolen vehicle with a car that may have been working with the car thief (to drop them off and run back with them). Similarly details of partial number plates and vehicle colours can be put into the computer and this will look for vehicles that match the details and flag up options. The more cameras, the better, as they help to build up a silent network of watchers. This is just the tip of the iceberg on what these can do. The ANPR cameras are nothing to do with speeding. Hope this helps?

  3. Yes, thank you, Guy.
    However, I have always had reservations about the increased use of cameras. I read ‘1984’ in 1979, and read of the potential for misuse of cameras. Apart from the ‘spying’ aspect, there can always be many different interpretations about what is happening, in contextual and interpretative ways. The question: ‘What is happening in this picture’ can produce many different answers. A maxim in our house was always: ‘Prevention is better than cure’…!!

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