4 comments on “White Dirt Lane Update

  1. Hi Guy, thank you for the update – always appreciated, may I asked if any traffic calming measures are being planned for Five Heads Road as it has become more dangerous over the last few years with drivers (trucks and cars) paying no attention to speed limits, pedestrians or horses, especially now with the impeding changes to White Dirt Lane which has a number of similarities (narrow lane, winding lane, hedgerows and limited footpaths). Many thanks Lee.

  2. Hi Guy, Is there any news on the potential traffic calming for Lovedean Lane which we understood would be available this year? Thanks Sue

  3. Hi Lee, Sue,

    I am not aware of any planned improvements and share your concern that diverting traffic from WDL means a little more on Five Heads Roaf (which I tend to avoid personally). Cllricarr Schillemore and L Evans are the District Councillors for Five Heads Road and Cllr Schillemore for Locedean Lane. They should be able to help lobby for improvements, and you could contact Cllr Marge Harvey, our County Councillor on Marge.harvey@hants.gov.uk as this is very much her role.

    I hope this helps. Guy.

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