2 comments on “Local Plan Update

  1. Hello Guy
    Well the Green Lane development has started and in this part of Clanfield (St james) there is an atmosphere of having been let down by the council. The development as expected is going to be big with traffic issues starting all ready with the contractors traffic general noise and dust (don’t know what its going to be like in the Autumn. Sorry to say but this development will have a huge negative effect on Clanfield , that and the developers usal false promise of better infrastructure Bowling Geens etc etc.
    Its about time the council stopped running scared of the South Downs National park authority (the park that has no signs telling you your entering or leaving) and spread these required developments out more equaly.
    If you haven’t already take a walk along Green lane, the previous development looks like a Holiday camp entrance with flagpoles and what can only be described as a moat just along from there a WW1 landscape greets you with all manor of earthworks add to this the the montage of developers signs for the “last few remaining” (you know the ones they can’t shiftfor 345k cause there next to the social housing ones) and the signs attached to lamp post telegraph poles to direct their traffic and you have arrived to my world.

    • Hi John, I can understand that but we do have a housing need and we do need to put them somewhere. I am NOT a Clanfield Councillor so it is worth speaking to Cllrs Moon or Denton who both represent Clanfield. Each community held a series of consultations on where to build, and Clanfields feedback was incorporated into the allocations plan. this may not be where we want to see new homes, but is more like the least undesirable place.

      I have posted articles on here in the past showing what the Green Lane community facilities are and from what I can see these are being fully delivered.

      Do start up some dialogue with your local Councillors.

      Best Wishes,


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